Yumi Zouma – Willowbank (Ltd. White Vinyl)

Image: 1611184 Following last year’s lauded debut LP, Yumi Zouma return to Cascine with their sophomore
album, Willowbank, a collection of dreamy, disco-indebted pop tracks. The album’s
namesake is a wildlife reserve in the band’s home base of Christchurch, NZ, a community on
the mend in the wake of a devastating earthquake in 2011. The Yumis, whose four members
are scattered across the globe, reunited in New Zealand to write and record Willowbank.
The result is an album that channels both the tight-knit togetherness and the unparalleled
beauty of their native land. Willowbank is also some of Yumi Zouma’s best work to date,
refining their effortless, windswept songwriting sensibility, while also exploring a new pallet
of sounds and textures.

Limited edition 12″ LP of Yumi Zouma’s sophomore album ‘Willowbank’ pressed on exclusive white vinyl.

1. Depths (Pt. I)
2. Persephone
3. December
4. Half Hour
5. Us, Together
6. Gabriel
7. Carnation
8. In Blue
9. Other People
10. A Memory
11. Ostra
12. Depths (Pt. II) Erhältlich ab 06.10.2017

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