De Lux – More Disco Songs About Love (LP+MP3)

Image: 1616531 To make it to album number three, a group has to make a compelling debut and then avoid
the sophomore slump. If you reach that third record, you are supposed to be a professional,
a stone-faced musical grown-up. But don’t tell that to De Lux. After their 2014 debut
Voyager and 2015 follow-up Generation, the LA duo is gearing for its best and brightest LP,
More Disco Songs About Love. The difference between this album and all the rest? Let’s ask
the band: “We like to say Voyage was our baby, Generation was our baby all grown up and
More Disco Songs About Love thinks growing up sucks and just wants to party smart.”

1. 875 Dollars
2. These Are Some of The Things That I Think About
3. Smarter Harder Darker (feat. Sal P)
4. Cause For Concern
5. Writing Music For Money, To Write More Music
6. Keyboards Cause We’re Black and White
7. Music Snob
8. Guys Just Want To Have Pleasure
9. Stratosphere Girl (feat. Mark Stewart)
10. Poorn In The Nightmare

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