Mr. Irish Bastard – The Desire For Revenge (Red Edition – LTD Box)

Image: 1617681 Box Inhalt:
1 x CD Album – The Desire for Revenge (12 Tracks)
1 x CD Live Album – F#@k You Very Much And Goodnight! (12 Tracks von der The World, The Flesh & The Devil Tour 2016) bisher unveröffentlicht
1 x Bar Towel (Mini-Handtuch mit Aufschrift “Mr. Irish Bastard“)
1 x Sammlermünze „10 Bastard Dublonen“ (platinfarben, 6 cm Durchmesser)
1 x Plektrum “Mr. Irish Bastard“
1 x Autogrammkarte handsigniert, „Mr. Irish Bastard“
4 x Bierdeckel „Mr. Irish Bastard“

Tracklisting CD:

01 Black Eye Friday
02 Oliver Cromwell’s Head
03 Darlinka (Darling Karlinka)
04 Poor Irish Billy
05 Pirates of the Irish Sea
06 Phoenix
07 We are the Drunks
08 Mike Malloy
09 I Only Like You When I’m Drunk
10 Time After Time
11 …Before The Devil Knows You’re Dead
12 Soundtrack Of My Life

Tracklisting Live CD:

1. Kingdom Of The Sun
2. Galway Bay
3. I Smell The Blood
4. Forty Something Street
5. Drink Another Day
6. Monsters In The Light
7. The Ballad Of A Workshy Man
8. Fuck You My Darling
9. Another Man’s Country
10. Pretty Vacant
11. I Hope They Sell Beer In Hell
12. Let Go
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