Brother JT – Tornado Juice (LP+MP3)

Image: 1617614 Brother JT, aka the enigmatic John Terlesky, has returned with a mind-palace of an
album entitled Tornado Juice. The album was recorded at Magic Door, a new studio
in Montclair NJ, by Ray Ketchem, who produced the Original Sins’ Bethlehem album
in 1996. This was a departure for the Brother, who hadn’t darkened the door of a
real studio since 2007’s Jelly Roll Gospel, preferring the freedom of recording at
his band’s practice space and overdubbing at home. True to form, however, after
recording the main band parts JT took the fles home and overdubbed vocals and
guitar leads to his heart’s content onto his refurbished Dell laptop. “I wouldn’t want
to put anyone through that kind of obsessiveness, much less a friend. And I wanted
to put my little stamp of grime on it.”
A prolifc writer, often inspired by the titular Tornado Juice (that’s LSD, kids), JT
records on average 40 songs a year before narrowing the selection for an album.
Often, it is the lyrics that come frst, fast and furious – excerpts from one of JT’s many
notebooks can be seen on the LP inner sleeve. “It could just be my subconscious
going off, but these sessions really feel like a form of spirit channeling. I hear voices,
all kinds of voices, and basically take down what they say. It might seem odd, but I
feel like I’m giving these beings some kind of outlet. It’s like having a collaborator,
say, Bernie Taupin, only from another dimension and much scarier.”
From the raw material of those pages the artist then honed the more decipherable
passages into song lyrics, drawing musically from a bottomless well of in?uences:
gutbucket blues to power pop, classic rock to garage-psych, even modern sources.
A guitarist inspired by the ‘rudimentary guys’ or more specifcally Lou Reed, Ron
Asheton and Bo Diddley, JT plays a pelham blue Epiphone SG with an alnico
whammy bar through a Blackstar Stage 40. Some favorite pedals for this intrepid
psychonaut are Halifax wah-wah and Boss distortion and sometimes Roland RE-20
echo. While critics have referred to his playing as “miraculously distorted guitar…
that’ll rip your mind to shreds” *, JT demurs “I don’t really enjoy playing guitar. I’d
much rather be just a singer, like Mick Jagger or Tom Jones, but I just don’t have the
hips for it. And plus, who’d play guitar?”

1. T.M.I.
2. Ponin’
3. Back to the 90’s
4. Zabriskie
5. Mississippi Somethin’
6. Manifest Boogie
7. Baked Alaska
8. Snakebit
9. Peaks and Valleys
10. Friendly Eyes
11. Shasta
12. Eureka
13. Oh Me Oh My

Brother JT is Central, PA’s John Terlesky who since the early
90’s has been exploring experimental and psychedelic rock
music with releases on labels such as Drag City, Drunken
Fish, Siltbreeze, and Birdman. Terlesky’s songwriting and
ample guitar skills take a decidedly psychedelic form but
never deviate too far from the classic song structure
On his second album for Thrill Jockey, JT blends his off-kilter
wit with a sincere darkness that brings a human vulnerability
to the impenetrable humor
LP version pressed on black virgin vinyl with artworked
inner sleeve featuring artwork from JT’s notebook and free
download card
Full press and marketing campaign being run from TJHQ.
Album unboxing video and album trailer will be serviced
Brother JT founded the garage pop band The Original Sins in
1987 and went on to release 10 albums (some with Bar/None)
“Loosening up your head where the electric JT warrior takes
on the world….and rides the Marshall stack skronk like a
mechanical monster swan.” – Impose
“Brother JT sounds like a nervous Pentecostal preacher
screaming atop a warped copy of Easter Everywhere from
the 13th Floor Elevators.” – Philadelphia City Paper
“If you don’t like any of the quirky and off-kilter sounds
Brother JT produces… you, my friend, are legally deceased.”
– The Vinyl District Erhältlich ab 23.03.2018

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