E – Negative Work (LP+MP3)

Image: 1618413 E, the savagely raw trio of Thalia Zedek (Come, Uzi, Live
Skull), Jason Sanford (Neptune), and Gavin McCarthy (Karate)
make angular, energized, and idiosyncratic rock music. These
accomplished and inventive musicians could not be more
different in the way they express themselves but their egoless
dedication to ensemble playing and writing shapes E’s distinct
sound. Following their self-titled debut which Mojo called
“both thrillingly volatile and touchingly melodic”, their second
album Negative Work is the product of three individuals whose
dedication to the collaborative process may very well be the
source of compelling tension underlying their songs.
Recorded and mixed in 4 days at Machines With Magnets
(Battles, Lightning Bolt, The Body), the album captures the
energy of E’s gripping live shows. E has been touring and
writing together steadily since their debut, at an age when many
musicians are loath to abandon what they are known for and
jump back into the grind of establishing a new band. E’s egoless
dedication, love of playing, and relentless inventiveness are
irresistible qualities making Negative Work an entirely singular
and highly compelling rock record.

1. Pennies
2. The Projectionist
3. Poision Letter
4. A House Inside
5. Down She Goes
6. One In Two
7. Untie Me
8. Cannibal Chatroom
9. Hole In Nature
10. Hollow

E will be touring extensively throughout the U.S
and Europe to coincide with this release
LP version pressed on virgin vinyl with free
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The members of E have decades of experience
in the alternative scenes of rock music through
their work with Live Skull, Uzi, Come, Neptune,
and Karate
Thalia Zedek is one of the most distinctive and
acclaimed purveyors of shredded blues and has
been a been a seminal fgure in the independent
music scene for over 30 years
“Heavy but with a subtle distinctiveness and
an emphasis on songs, veteran skill is evident
throughout.” – Vinyl District
“E is a piercing, propulsive exercise in the fne
art of guitar rock, a collaborative experiment in
tension and release that explores the pantheon of
punk guitar noise.” – CLRVYNT
“Through Live Skull, through Come, Zedek’s
guitar always bore weight—you could feel the
whole 20th century catastrophe bearing down on
it.” – Pitchfork Erhältlich ab 25.05.2018

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