Vicktor Taiwo – Joy Comes In Spirit (2LP+MP3)

Image: 1619306 In a world where art is compromised and commodified, shrunk down and boxed in, Vicktor
Taiwò wants us to open up. The vibrant young singer-songwriter traffics in subtle hints and
soaring melodies, slow creeps and grand climaxes. Taiwò is on a mission to collect
something from himself, and it’s a journey worth following.
His debut album, Joy Comes in Spirit, is at once experimental and comforting – collected
shards of soul and style reassembled into something entirely new. The record introduces a
bold new artist willing to take musical and lyrical risks, and to bare himself to an international
audience. The result is an arresting, unforgettable work that shrugs off the expectations we
have that musicians fit easily into recognisable molds.
From ‘Joy Comes in Spirit’s first note, Vicktor is mining his own psyche for its dark depths and
hidden crevices, demanding from himself the sort of emotional reaction his work incites in
others. Songs like “Subducta. Psalm 69,” a seven-minute, multi-part epic, echo
contemporary hip-hop, “tDS (Surf)” seems designed to be sung around campfires in the
distant future, “Supernatural Women” traces 808s & Heartbreak back to its Zappian roots.
And “Summon,” one of the record’s highlights, is like if you trapped a troubled spirit in a
GameBoy Colour

Quotes on ‘Juno’:
The fullness of Taiwò’s voice might remind you of Josef Salvat’s (particularly on the
piano-driven “Fade”), while his falsettos might evoke James Blake, scattered throughout
are simmering R&B melodies reminiscent of The Weeknd. – Noisey
Taiwo may very well be on the road to greatness: he definitely shows the potential and
promise. – Billboard
Taiwò’s sultry voice coats [“Curse”] with R&B earnestness, washing over heartbeat drums
and distant, subtle acoustic guitar flourishes. – Consequence of Sound
“[Viktor fuses] soulful elements and minimal electronica with powerful
songwriting” – Hypebeast

2LP Gatefild Jacket
Custom inner sleeve and download card

1. Breathe In
2. Showers
3. Shovel Moonlight
4. Subducta. Psalm 69
5. Letters I Wrote
6. blue Mountain ridge
7. Rolling in the Rapids
8. tDS (Surf)
9. Supernatural Women
10. Shimmers in the Sun
11. Summon
12. Spectrom
13. All Within
14. Morning Joy Erhältlich ab 01.06.2018

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