Andrew Bayer – In My Last Life (2LP)

Image: 1620113 Every visionary artist has a defining work – their personal magnus opus. For the polymath
Andrew Bayer, ‘In My Last Life’ might be just that.
Grammy nominated through his production work with Above & Beyond, the Berklee College
of Music graduate co-produced their #3 US album ‘Common Ground’ and is also a writer
and producer on Lo Moon’s indie electronica hit ‘Loveless’.
As a DJ, the New York native has graced the stages of tastemaker electronic festivals such as
EDC Vegas, Electric Zoo and Creamfields, and headlined clubs from LA to London – with a
forward-thinking sound that will be catered for by forthcoming club mixes of the ‘In My Last
Life’ songs.
But it is as an album artist that Andrew Bayer has sculpted his reputation as a true innovator
– an artist in the classic sense of the word.
It’s a journey that began with his 2011 debut LP ‘It’s Artificial’ – described by Mixmag as “am
incredible album of sophisticated electronica”. Traversing glitch hop, progressive house and
electronica, it signalled the arrival of a true talent on Anjunabeats.
It’s 2013 follow-up, ‘If It Were You, We’d Never Leave’ took an even bolder creative
direction. Ditch the 4/4 beats completely, Andrew instead conjured a 16-track sampladelic
odyssey featuring Sufjan Stevens, Ane Brun and Des-ree – earning comparisons to DJ
Shadow, Moby and Flying Lotus by XLR8R.
Five years in the making, this third LP ‘In My Last Life’ represents a humanising of the
enigmatic producer’s sound – comprising of 8 heart-felt and emotional songs penned and
delivered by Norwegian singer/songwriter Ane Brun and the talented Alison May
respectively. It is also, quite simply, his defining work to date.
An artistic statement and a perfectly considered body of work, ‘In My Last Life’ owes very
little to the dancefloor that Andrew is often associated with – instead drawing its inspirations
from influences as far and wide as Talk Talk, Aphex Twin, Kate Bush and Atoms Of Peace.
Through its 8 songs, the LP plots an enchanting, carefully spun tale of love and loss –
explored through the narrative prisms of reincarnation and immortality.
Alison May swims in the overwhelming sensations of love in the ethereal electronic washes of
‘Tidal Wave’, looks at love through reincarnation on the dreamy ‘In My Last Life’ and
whispers of stalking ex-lovers from the beyond the grave on the shuffling trip-hop beats of
‘Immortal Lover’.
Ane Brun’s three turns, meanwhile, are as diverse as they are majestic. Nodding back to
classics 80s ballads from Kate Bush and Sade, ’Love You More’ is a slow-building indie-pop
beauty loaded with joy and musicality. Somewhere between Aphex Twin and The XX, ’Hold
On To You’ is a string-laden, bittersweet love song to a partner that she can’t quite keep
hold of, whilst the psychedelic synth-pop journey of ’Your Eyes’ that could easily be filed
next to the best work of MGMT, Passion Pit et al.
And then there’s closer ‘End of All Things’, an anthemic, arm-waving electronica excursion,
where Alison May sings in ode to a recently lost love – capturing all the celebration,
uncertainty and emotion of the end of a beautiful road.
A perfect closer, but ‘In My Last Life’ is also an album that needs to be taken in its entirety.
Taking as one cohesive and beautifully constructed whole, the 8-track LP represents an
journey that will surprise, stun and overwhelm those that submit to its charms – a truly
personal masterpiece with all the musicality and detail that Andrew’s fans know and love him

1. Tidal Wave feat. Alison May
2. Love You More feat. Ane Brun
1. Open End Resource feat. Alison May
2. Hold On To You feat. Ane Brun
1. In My Last Life feat. Alison May
2. Immortal Lover feat. Alison May
1. Your Eyes feat. Ane Brun
2. End Of All Things feat. Alison May Erhältlich ab 07.09.2018

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