Dave Davies – Decade (LP)

Image: 1620893 Dave Davies is a musician who needs little introduction, as a founder member of legendary
rock group The Kinks, his guitar sound, unique style and songwriting has shaped the
landscape of rock and pop music across generations. The pioneering rock guitarist
singlehandedly changed rock-n-roll when he sliced his little green Elpico amp speaker with a
razor blade, creating the first heavy metal guitar tone and riff. This revolutionary guitar
sound propelled the Kinks into stardom with the global smash hits You Really Got Me and
All Day and All of the Night, followed by numerous other classics over the next decades.
Davies’ music is as relevant today as it was in the 60s, having released in recent years several
critical acclaimed albums on Red River Entertainment.
"As lead guitarist and co-founder of the Kinks, Dave Davies is one of the most unpredictable
and original forces in rock,” enthuses writer Bill Crowley, “His distinctive guitar style went on
to have major impact on several key guitar-rock styles, including heavy metal and punk. A
Rock and Roll Hall of Fame inductee, Dave's massive guitar sounds have inspired bands
from Van Halen to Green Day."
After decisively solving the riddle of the first “great lost Dave Davies solo album”, fully
documented at last in the magnificent Hidden Treasures CD, we now have what should have
been its sequel: 'Decade.' Fans often wondered why Dave seemed to have taken break from
songwriting for much of the ‘70s, but the assumption was inaccurate. Years prior to the issue
of Dave’s first “proper” solo album, 1980’s AFL1-3603, Dave was working on the fascinating
tracks that make up this new compilation. The tapes were unearthed by his sons Simon and
Martin from “under beds, in attics, in storage”, and properly mixed and mastered in a way that
lets these songs shimmer and shine even brighter than they did at inception. Any album
recorded over the span of 10years runs the risk of ending up wildly erratic in tone and style,
and yet, Dave’s ‘Decade’ is surprisingly cohesive, the songs working together beautifully as
songs on great albums do.

1. Cradle to the Grave
2. Midnight Sun
3. Islands
4. If You Are Leaving
5. Web of Time
6. Mystic Woman
1. Give You All My Love
2. Within Each Day
3. Same Old Blues
4. Mr. Moon
5. This Precious Time (Long Lonely Road) Erhältlich ab 19.10.2018 301 Moved Permanently

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