Oozing Wound – High Anxiety (LP+MP3)

Image: 1623272 Chicago’s Oozing Wound are a mass of contradictions: weed lovers whose music hits you with its breakneck head banging force. The band deal with nihilism, yet remain addictively fun. Their music is equal parts sludge and thrash, noise and riff-loaded rock. High Anxiety is an unabashed mocking of the madness of modern living, its chemical induced adventures and establishment absurdity, deriding the industrial complex behind established institutions such as NASA while savaging those who deny science. Oozing Wound on High Anxiety are nihilistic pied pipers making us laugh our way to the apocalypse. The album finds guitarist and vocalist Zack Weil drummer Kyle Reynolds and bassist Kevin Cribbin blending their ferocious energy, sonic experiments and blunt lyricism for a pummeling enjoyable head-banger with an irresistible sneer. On High Anxiety , Oozing Wound’s songs have become more complex, their attacks more ferocious, and bass and guitar lines more captivating. The album was recorded in four days at Steve Albini’s Electrical Audio studio. The trio ripped through live-tracking and overdubs, leaving space to experiment with new sounds and effects. The band, having an affinity for the complexities of prog music, managed to bring prog elements to High Anxiety without sacrificing any of their songs punch. Subtle layers of saxophone, flutes and synths were blended into guitar tones, adding depth and texture without cluttering arrangements. Fist-pumping blasts of white- hot riffing become a Trojan horse for sonic weirdness. The resulting recordings are at once some of their most sonically rich, immediate, and impactful. High Anxiety drips with a caustic vitriol that is both riotous and intoxicating, a feat that could only be accomplished by Oozing Wound .

1. Surrounded By Fucking Idiots
2. Filth Chisel
3. Tween Shitbag
4. Die On Mars
5. Birth of a Flat Earther
6. Riding the Universe
7. Vein Ripper

“Oozing Wound exude an attitude that immediately distinguishes them from the music they reference” - Pitchfork
“Technically accomplished and brimming with sneaky good melodies beneath the sledgehammer attack, this trio is a top-tier metal band that refuses to take itself too seriously.” - Greg Kot, Chicago Tribune
"If you’re a fan of thrash metal, check this out. If you’re a fan of intense, aggressive thrash metal with sections seemingly pulled out of a sonic hat, check this out. - Post Thrash
"“Inside jokes and faux bravado aside, they’re also sophisticated songwriters, with a keen ear for melody and a daredevil approach to odd meters, feedback, and noise.” - Premier Guitar

Oozing Wound to tour the US and Europe

LP pressed on virgin vinyl with an artworked inner sleeve and free download card.

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