Roger Glover And Friends – The Butterfly Ball And The… (Ltd. 2LP) (RSD)

Image: 1623161 Zum RSD 2019 verkünden Cherry Red stolz eine neue Edition des Albums "The Butterfly Ball And The Grasshopper's Feast" - es erscheint erstmalig als limitierte Doppel-LP. Neben dem remasterten Originalalbum enthält die zweite LP Demos, alternative Mixe, die Non-LP-Single "Little Chalk Blue" mit dem Uriah Heep-Sänger John Lawton plus Auszüge des raren "Butterfly Ball Radio Specials", das 1974 ausschließlich zu Promotionzwecken zirkulierte. Gastmusiker sind Glenn Hughes, ELF's Micky Lee Soule und Bonnie James Rio. Die Gatefold-Edition wurde passenderweise auf purpurfarbigem Vinyl gepresst.

(Roger Glover And Friends: “The Butterfly Ball And The Grasshopper’s Feast”)
Side One
1. Dawn
2. Get Ready (featuring Glenn Hughes)
3. Saffron Dormouse And Lizzy Bee (featuring Helen Chappelle & Barry St. John)
4. Harlequin Hare (featuring Neil Lancaster)
5. Old Blind Mole (featuring John Goodison)
6. Magician Moth
7. No Solution (featuring Mickey Lee Soule)
8. Behind The Smile (featuring David Coverdale)
9. Fly Away (featuring Liza Strike)
10. Aranea
11. Sitting In A Dream (featuring Ronnie James Dio)
Side Two
12. Waiting
13. Sir Maximus Mouse (featuring Eddie Hardin)
14. Dreams Of Sir Bedivere
15. Together Again  (Featuring Tony Ashton)
16. Watch Out For The Bat (featuring John Gustafson)
17. Little Chalk Blue (featuring John Lawton)
18. The Feast
19. Love Is All (featuring Ronnie James Dio)
20. Homeward (featuring Ronnie James Dio)
Side Three
(Bonus Tracks)
1. Love Is All (Demo Version)
2. Dawn (Alternative Mix)
3. Harlequin Hare (Alternative Mix)
4. Magician Moth (Alternative Mix)
5. No Solution (Alternative Mix)
6. Waiting (Alternative Mix)
7. Fly Away (Alternative Mix)
8. Aranea (Alternative Mix)
9. Little Chalk Blue (7” Single 1975)
Side Four
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