The Residents – Eskimo Deconstructed – 40th Anniversary (2LP+CD)

Image: 1651611 "The classic ambient masterpiece deconstructed - over seventy loops, chants, musical fragments and sound effects extracted from the original multitrack tapes and spread across four sides of vinyl. Re-construct and re-mix 'Eskimo' at your leisure! A unique unwrapping of one of the great artistic achievements of 20th Century music. Also includes one hour CD of Arctic wind backgrounds. Sure, it's a classic, and this is undoubtedly sacrilege, but consider this a chance to screw with The Residents' music just like they've been screwing with everybody else's for almost fifty years now. Dig out your sampler and your turntables and dive in!" - Produkt-Info, Cherry Red Records Erhältlich ab 31.05.2019
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