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  • New Kids On The Block – Thankful (EP) (NKOTB Music)

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    New Kids On The BlockBevor New Kids On The Block, kurz NKOTB, neben Paula Abdul und Boyz II Men auf ihre mit Spannung erwartete “Total Package Tour” gehen, erscheint ihre neue “Thankful”-EP. Die Pop-Supergroup um Joey McIntyre, Donnie Wahlberg, Danny Wood, Jordan und Jonathan Knight erweitert damit ihre bereits beeindruckende Liste von Veröffentlichungen. Es ist zudem die erste neue Musik seit Kompletter Artikel →

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  • Booka Shade – Galvany Street (Blaufield Music)

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    Booka ShadeLange bevor Booka Shade zu einem der weltweit erfolgreichsten Club Music-Acts wurden, haben sie mit ihrer New Wave Band zwei Alben veröffentlicht. Auf dem neuen Werk “Galvany Street”, einer Kollaboration mit dem Ex-Archive Sänger Craig Walker, kehren sie zu ihren Wurzeln zurück. Manchmal ist eine Rückbesinnung hilfreich, um sich neu zu orientieren. Im Falle von Booka Shade ist ihnen dadurch vielleicht ihr stärkstes Album ihrer Kompletter Artikel →

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  • Steel Panther – Lower The Bar (Open E Music)

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    Steel PantherSteel Panther haben sich längst einen Ruf als beste Party-Band der Welt gemacht, denn sie vereinen Hard Rock mit Parodie und unverschämt gutem Aussehen. Bestehend aus Leadsänger Michael Starr, Gitarrist Satchel, Bassist Lexxi Foxx und Schlagzeuger Stix Zadinia, schafft die Hair Metal-Band aus Los Angeles es nun erneut: Sie sehen gut aus, sie klingen gut – ganz wie es ihre Fans, die die Band liebevoll ‘Fanthers’ nennt Kompletter Artikel →

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  • Kid Koala Featuring Emiliana Torrini – Music To Draw To: Satellite (Arts & Crafts)

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    Kid Koala Featuring Emiliana TorriniMit “Music To Draw To: Satellite” begibt sich der legendäre Scratch-DJ, Produzent und Komponist Kid Koala auf eine, für ihn bisher unerforschte, musikalische Entdeckungsreise. Das bereits fünfte Album unter Eric Sans’ Alias Kid Koala ist ein beeindruckendes Werk atmosphärischer, elektronischer Kompletter Artikel →

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  • Joanne Shaw Taylor – Wild (Axe House Music)

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    Joanne Shaw TaylorDie First Lady des britischen Blues hat ihr fünftes Album in Nashville aufgenommen: Joanne Shaw Taylor präsentiert “Wild”. Die neuen Songs wurden in den Grand Victor Sound Studios in Nashville von Kevin Shirley (Joe Bonamassa, Aerosmith, Journey, Iron Maiden) produziert, in diesem legendären Studio, in dem schon Dolly Parton ihre Kulthits “Jolene” und “I Will Always Love You” aufnahm und Chet Baker arbeitete, erzählt Joanne Shaw Taylor Kompletter Artikel →

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  • Torche – Admission (Relapse)

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    TorcheDie Heavy Rock-Titanen Torche aus Florida melden sich mit einem Kracher-Album namens “Admission” zurück! Torche gehören seit 15 Jahren zu den Eckpfeilen der US-Heavy Rock-Szene. Mit ihrem neuen mit Spannung erwarteten Album “Admission” erweitern sie ihre Themen- und Songwriting-Künste um völlig neue Dimensionen. Das Album ist vollgepackt mit kraftvollen, erfrischenden Riffs und einer Reihe tiefgründiger Song-Texturen, die sich als Kompletter Artikel →

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  • Tycho veröffentlicht sein neues Album “Weather” auf Ninja Tune

    Sektion: News

    Tycho“Weather” markiert einen mutigen Schritt nach vorne für Tycho, mit der erstmaligen Einführung von Tracks mit Gesang und Lyrics. Der Longplayer kombiniert die Grundlage von Hansens unverwechselbaren, lebendigen, charakteristischen Klanglandschaften mit dem zarten, samtigen Gesang von Saint Sinner. In vielerlei Hinsicht ist “Weather” der Höhepunkt von Tychos Karriere als Ganzes, bei der jeder vorhergehende Schritt die Absicht hatte, jetzt Kompletter Artikel →

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  • Tycho – Weather (Mom+Pop / Ninja Tune)

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    TychoTycho veröffentlicht ein neues Album “Weather” auf Ninja Tune! “Weather” markiert einen mutigen Schritt nach vorne für Tycho, mit der erstmaligen Einführung von Tracks mit Gesang und Lyrics. Der Longplayer kombiniert die Grundlage von Hansens unverwechselbaren, lebendigen, charakteristischen Klanglandschaften mit dem zarten, samtigen Gesang von Saint Sinner. In vielerlei Hinsicht ist “Weather” der Höhepunkt von Tychos Karriere Kompletter Artikel →

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  • Skyy – Here’s To You / You Got Me Up

    Sektion: Musik, Neue Releases

    Image: 1652471 The word masterpiece gets bandied about a lot. Not least by us. But here is a release that truly befits such a lofty title.

    In 1980, Randy Muller’s Skyy dropped the monumental “Here’s To You”, comfortably one of the greatest dance singles of all time. Released on Salsoul, “Here’s To You” is now exceptionally hard to find in its original form. On this special Be With double-header, we present the sought-after 12" mix and back it up with the strutting “You Got Me Up”, which has never been on a 12" before.

    Naturally, both are cut loud and bumping for devastating dance floor power.

    A sure-fire classic of the NYC club scene and a true block party rocker, “Here’s To You” beautifully combines sweeping synth-strings, loose cymbal hits and swaggering lyrics delivered with enviable style. But the real hero is *that* bassline. Oh, wait, no, actually, it’s *that* synth refrain halfway through. Harnessing the Oberheim Matrix 12 to emulate a horn section has provided goosebumps on discerning dance floors ever since.

    As Muller expressed in his 2007 Red Bull Music Academy lecture, “It’s a very special record, it’s positive and has that spontaneous, life-giving spirit in the groove. Everything locks, just pure chemistry.”

    Like we said, it’s a masterpiece.

    If that wasn’t enough, over on the B-side is “You Got Me Up”, a real hidden gem from Skyy’s Skyway LP. Also released in 1980, the track is a wonderful showcase of the group’s airtight rhythm section and Muller’s uncanny ear for a groove and a melody.

    Track List:
    A1 : Here’s To You (5:21)

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  • Vaughan Mason And Butch Dayo – Feel My Love

    Sektion: Musik, Neue Releases

    Image: 1652472 If ever an album could transport you to the hazy sunshine and imagined halcyon paradise of Southern California in the mid-1980s, could capture the early evening warmth of hanging at an inclusive boogie jam as it approaches “magic hour” in Santa Ana or Anaheim, then it’s Vaughan Mason and Butch Dayo’s Feel My Love. A brilliantly produced deep slung, low rider funk classic originally released on Salsoul in 1983. It’s a masterpiece of “funk love music”.

    Yes, this is indeed a perfectly formed five track “mini LP” of unparalleled heat, but there’s one song here that, above the rest, represents Orange County boogie-funk. A straight killer beloved by all that have had the pleasure of moving to it. A track that can fill up a dance floor within seconds of its starting. That song is the eternal title track, “Feel My Love”.

    This is a work of art that made people fall in love with the funk. It transcends the limitations of genre. “Feel My Love”’s deceptive simplicity makes it perfect to drop during a house set, a classic funk party or at a west coast rap jam. It’s sexy, deeply emotional, melancholic, hopeful, passionate and just radiates so, so much raw energy. This is music.

    The rest of the record is hardly filler though. Opener “Oh, Love” is a dizzying, emotional slow jam. With heaven-sent vocals riding gorgeous, sweeping keys that alternate between sweet twinkling lines and funk-fuelled stabbing. It’s sensational. A rollerskating jam named “Rollalong Songs” is an ultra-swish piece of dance floor dynamite. Its slick drums, staccato piano and neck snapping claps underscore Dayo’s buoyant vocals. It’s essentially “Bounce, Rock, Skate, Roll Part II”.

    The flip begins with “Party On The Corner”. Smoother than silk vocals, day-glo synths, a bubbling bassline and guitar licks that surely received the Prince seal of approval. It’s another example of how Vaughan Mason and Butch Dayo flirt with perfection so routinely. The most majestic closer, the kaleidoscopic, cow-bell-assisted synth-funk heater “You Can Do It” is a proto-rap groover that truly smokes.

    This prized LP is a stone cold jam and finding original copies on vinyl at affordable prices has been tough for years. Mastered brilliantly by Simon Francis, cut by Pete Norman and with lovingly reproduced artwork, this fresh Be With reissue ensures this legendary LP now sounds, looks and feels as sensational as it should.

    Track List:

    A1 : Oh, Love
    A2 : Rollalong Songs

    A3 : Feel My Love

    B1 : Party On The Corner

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  • Jazz-Gitarrist George Benson verneigt sich vor Chuck Berry und Fats Domino

    Sektion: News

    George BensonDas neue Album “Walking To New Orleans” des legendären Jazz-Gitarristen George Benson ist eine musikalische Huldigung an Chuck Berry und Fats Domino! Auf “Walking To New Orleans” kehrt George Benson zu seinen Americana-Wurzeln zurück. Sein neues Album widmet der Kompletter Artikel →

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  • Petrol Girls – Cut & Stitch (LP+MP3)

    Sektion: Musik, Neue Releases

    Image: 1651347 Cut & Stitch is a patchwork of different sounds, ideas and feelings. It’s the most experimental record we’ve made so far, both musically and lyrically. Cutting and stitching is a process that can go on indefinitely - stitches are easily unpicked, new shapes can be cut, everything can be rearranged. We cut our patches off of old clothes and sew them onto something else. Continuity is an idea that underpins the record, from ‘the sound does not arrive’ to ‘we’re not finished, we never fucking will be.’ This follows on from the sentiment of our last EP, ‘The Future is Dark.’ Political change is a slow, complicated process that’s often only partly visible with hindsight. Making change is a constant collective process that never stops. Its probably impossible for us to see our place within it or to know what consequences our actions will have. It isn’t as simple or hopeless as straightforward victories and failures.
    Feminism has become more of an overall approach than an obvious topic, seeping into the way we think about everything from the environment to mental health. We’ve also started to think more about what feminism means for men, given that half of the band are men, and explore the perspective of a man struggling with expressing his emotions in ‘Talk in Tongues.’
    The majority of the lyrics were written in the studio. I was having a difficult time, unsure about where to live after we finished the record, and burnt out from a tough year of personal and legal challenges. Something that I’ve reluctantly allowed feminism to teach me is that we have to tend to our own wounds, and that sometimes being vulnerable is just as radical as being angry - it certainly scares me a lot more. Rage on its own isn’t sustainable. We hope this is a more honest and human record.

    SIDE 1
    1. Intro
    2. The Sound
    3. Tangle Of Lives
    4. Interlude (Q&A)
    5. Big Mouth
    6. Interlude (Looming)
    7. Monstrous
    8. No Love For A Nation
    9. Skye
    10. Burn
    11. Talk In Tongues
    12. Interlude (They Say)
    13. Rootless
    14. Weather Warning
    15. Naive

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