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  • Roland Van Campenhout – Somewhere In The Mountains (2LP+DVD+Book)

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    Image: 1622950 what with the wonderful acoustics in this funky kitchen somewhere in the Belgian quarter of good ol’ Köln - What with this glass-plated kitchen table, covered with bottle-necks made of copper & porcelain, old papers covered with wine & coffee stains, making it hard to read all the songs I wrote from the late sixties on until now - bringing back memories, old love affairs ... some good some not so good ... what with the wonderful artworks hanging on the wall behind my back, made by some Canadian poet/singer — What with Petra’s coffee & Werners dazzling record collection in the basement - What with the open window so I can chain-smoke my German Roth-Händle Zigaretten, since my Indonesian Gudang Garam are long devoured, all cartons empty ... What with the cool vintage mixing board & ribbon mikes, & last but not less important the fine collection of old guitars, ringing like a bell ... Some other boys made the basement-tapes, we over here made the KITCHEN TAPES, I hope you have as much fun with it as we did recording !!!!!

    Somewhere in the mountains – Kitchen Recording Series
    All songs By Roland Van Campenhout

    Side A
    1. Me & Blind Willie 05:32
    2. Dream on Little Girl 03:38
    3. Midnight Star 03:38
    4. Cruising down on Main Street 03:38

    Side B
    1. Good as bad can be 04:09
    2. The Truth 03:08
    3. Blues wearing high heeled shoes 03:31
    4. Kosher Kama-Sutra 03:25
    5. Blind Man's Eyes 02:38

    Waving The Freak Flags Electric
    All songs By Roland Van Campenhout, Except *

    Side A
    1. *Poetry And All That Jazz [Lyrics Lenny Bruce - music Roland V.C.] 19:00
    2. *Worried man blues [Trad. Arr Roland V.C.] 03:43

    Side B
    1. She Belongs To Me [Bob Dylan] 06:52
    2. Never Enough 10:07
    3. The Lament Of The Cherokee Indian [J.D. Loudermilk] 07:06

    Roland Van Campenhout ‘At the Theater der Keller’,?Cologne
    All songs By Roland Van Campenhout, Except *

    Concerts / Single tracks

    1. The Truth 05:43
    2. Fine Sugar Mama 07:36
    3. Midnight Star 04:13
    4. *Last Letter Home [B. Mc Dade / J. Brown Jr. Tintagel music] 04:42
    5. *Don't think twice, it's all right [Bob Dylan] 06:22
    6. 17 Years in a Phone Booth 10:18
    7. *Poetry and all that Jazz [Lyrics Lenny Bruce - music Roland V.C.] 17:32
    8. Never Enough 14:37
    9. *Let the Mermaids Flirt with Me [Mississippi John Hurt] 04:28
    10. The Fish in the Big Blue Sea 07:08
    11. *C’est la Vie 03:58 [Sophia Fellner] 03:58
    12. Swamp Adversity 06:15

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