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  • Coldcut X On-U Sound – Outside The Echo Chamber (Ahead Of Our Time)

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    Coldcut X On-U SoundColdcut (Matt Black & Jon More) und Adrian Sherwood – Chef des legendären On-U Sound-Labels – sind die perfekte Soundsymbiose und weitaus mehr als der übliche Zusammenschluss bekannter Weltstars zu einer Supergroup: Coldcut x On-U Sounds “Outside The Echo Chamber”, das via Ahead Of Our Time erscheint Kompletter Artikel →

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  • Hanni El Khatib – Savage Times (Ltd. Edition 3×10”)

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    Image: 1608317 Hanni El Khatib’s first idea for his Savage Times project was to do something he’d never done before. Instead, he ended up doing …well, everything he’d never done before. He’d be playing new instruments, writing in unfamiliar new ways, opening himself up to an unrelenting stream of ideas and dedicating himself totally to pure musical instinct. And the result? 19 best-of-the-sessions songs,
    destined for vinyl release as a Limited Edition 10” LP Box Set, as well as the kind of creative revelations that only happen when you quit looking around and start looking ahead. Originally, he’d hoped to explode the lingering idea that he was simply a blues-rock guitar player, but that’s why Savage Times touches on everything from garage rock to punk to disco, hip-hop and even some unexpected solo-guitar self-portraiture. But on the way, he also exploded his own idea of what he could do—even maybe who he was, or would be. Savage Times was an experiment as well as an experience, that touched on some of the most personal, social & political elements to date.

    1. Baby's OK
    2. Gonna Die Alone
    3. Born Brown
    4. Paralyzed
    5. Miracle
    6. Mangos & Rice
    7. Come Down
    8. No Way
    9. Mondo And His Makeup
    10. Gun Clap Hero
    11. Black Constellation
    12. So Dusty
    13. Till Your Rose Comes Home
    14. Hold Me Back
    15. Savage Times
    16. 1AM
    17. Peep Show
    18. This I Know
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  • Coldcut X On-U Sound – Kajra

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    Image: 1611876 Coldcut und On-U Sound veröffentlichen 10-inch ihrer Neubearbeitung des Bollywood-Klassikers „Kajra“ via Ahead Of Our Time anlässlich der „30 Jahre Coldcut“ Jubiläumstour!

    Die neue Single „Kajra“ für das Shobhan Shah das Artwork gestaltete, bekommt in einem Remix-Paket die komplette Dub- und Rework-Behandlung verpasst: als Neugestaltung des Hindi-Urdu-Liebesliedes „Kajra Mohabbat Wala“, hat es Sängerin Hamsika Iyer zu Gast (die sonst auch in Bollywood-Produktionen oder beim Trance-Projekt Juno Reactor mitwirkt), die von dem legendären Gitarristen aus Mumbai, Babu Choudary, rekrutiert und aufgenommen wurde. Bestrebt von dem Willen, an etwas zu arbeiten, das den Geist der Bollywood-Musik einfängt, schlug Babu, der mit der ursprünglich aus Mumbai stammenden Frau von Coldcuts Matt Black befreundet ist, diesen Song vor. Die Single beinhaltet einen ausgedehnten 10“-Mix, einen „Maximum“-Dub, einen „Cosmic“-Dub und ein Acapella. Sherwood zeigt sich beim Auflegen des Songs begeistert von den Reaktionen des Publikums und die Albumversion wurde von Bobby Friction im BBC Asian Network geplaylistet.

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  • Brokeback – Illinois River Valley Blues (LP+MP3)

    Sektion: Musik, Neue Releases

    Image: 1607954 A sense of place has been essential to the music of Brokeback since guitarist/bassist
    Douglas McCombs frst launched the project in 1995. Initially conceived as a solo
    outlet, the Chicago group has taken on new dimensions over the past two decades,
    morphing from the lean, pastoral ambience of the frst album, Field Recordings
    from the Cook County Water Table, to the more muscular, taut arrangements
    and dynamic swells of the last release, Brokeback and the Black Rock, for which
    McCombs assembled a new quartet lineup. Each album develops with exacting
    detail, revealing McCombs’s gift for dialing in the essence of a mood, feeling, or
    distant locale with a handful of reverb-laden guitar tones, elegant and sustained,
    strategically placed and sparingly deployed. The instrumental landscapes he creates
    on Illinois River Valley Blues are utterly transportive, evoking familiar open-frontier
    soundtracks and charting out new sonic territory.
    McCombs’s singular approach to guitar and bass, characteristic of his work with
    Tortoise, is expertly enhanced here by James Elkington (Tweedy, Steve Gunn) on
    second guitar (moving over from drums on the last record). The two salute one of
    McCombs’s favorite bands, Television, with latticed dual leads on the stately yet
    aggressive “On the Move and Vanishing,” while Elkington’s subtle layers of pedal
    steel and organ burnish more ruminative forays like “Andalusia, IL” and “Ursula.”
    Their intertwining ?ights are anchored by the sturdy yet versatile rhythm team of
    bassist Pete Croke (Exit Verse, Tight Phantomz) and drummer Areif Sless-Kitain
    (the Eternals), the newest member of Brokeback.
    Thematically this is McCombs’s most personal offering yet, re?ecting on his early
    years growing up along the Illinois River corridor between Peoria and Chicago.
    Though the inspiration is McCombs’s, the execution is wholly a group effort. With
    the same instrumentation and mostly the same lineup as the previous album, the
    band stretches its leader’s eternal fascination with the roots of American guitar
    music in bold new directions. A serpentine mystique runs through “Rise, Fernanda,
    Rise!,” and “Cairo Levee” conjures a desert atmosphere closer to the Sahara than
    the American southwest. Side one of the album closes with a moody, meditative
    take on “Spanish Venus,” a ballad written by cornetist and sometime Brokeback
    collaborator Rob Mazurek (Chicago Underground, Exploding Star Orchestra). “I
    could hear Brokeback doing the tune from the moment I heard him workshopping
    it with Pulsar Quartet at a little cocktail bar in Logan Square,” says McCombs.
    Several songs feature lush, multi-layered vocals by Amalea Tshilds (the Paulina
    Hollers), who made a deep impression on McCombs with a spellbinding a cappella
    performance a couple years ago. “I often imagine female vocals on Brokeback
    records, but I wanted it to be someone that I have personal history with, someone
    who can nail it, not to mention someone who I know digs the music,” he says.
    “That’s why Mary Hansen (Stereolab) sang on all those earlier records and why I
    wanted Lea for this.”
    Illinois River Valley Blues is a winding, wistful travelogue that not only captures
    darker textures but mines their depths. That’s been part of McCombs’s vision for
    Brokeback from the start: “To me a song is not worth writing if it doesn’t have a
    strong sense of melancholy,” he says

    1. Ride Ahead and Light
    the Way For Me
    2. Cairo Levee
    3. The Canyons of Illinois
    4. Andalusia, IL
    5. Spanish Venus
    6. On the Move and Vanishing
    7. Rise, Fernanda, Rise!
    8. Ursula
    9. The Strollers’ Memorial
    10. Night Falls on Chillicothe

    Brokeback is the longstanding project of Douglas McCombs.
    McCombs is a member of Tortoise, Eleventh Dream Day, The
    Sea and Cake, and Pullman, and has worked with Tom Ze,
    Azita Youseff, Will Oldham, Calexico and Yo La Tengo
    The current Brokeback quartet lineup features McCombs
    joined by James Elkington (Tweedy, Steve Gunn), Pete
    Croke (Exit Verse, Tight Phantomz), and Areif Sless-Kitain
    (The Eternals)
    Illinois River Valley Blues was produced by John McEntire
    (Stereolab, Yo La Tengo)
    Album photography by Sam Prekop (The Sea and Cake)
    Brokeback will tour extensively throughout the year
    The album features guest vocals from Amalea Tshilds (the
    Paulina Hollers) and a cover of a Rob Mazurek written ballad
    (Chicago Underground, Exploding Star Orchestra)
    “for anyone who appreciates an outstanding rhythm section
    pushing interesting song structures, topped with emotionrich storytelling that’s done through a guitar”
    - Premier Guitar
    “... at its center it’s all ragged glory, guys banging out riffs
    and solos, a clear-cut delve into the rock frmament. You can
    practically feel the band members blowing the dust off their
    old plaid shirts and cracking open a six pack” - Pitchfork Erhältlich ab 24.02.2017 Getaggt mit:
  • Mitarbeiter-Charts 2016

    Sektion: Features

    Mitarbeiter-Charts 2016Das Jahr 2016 neigt sich dem Ende entgegen. Aus diesem Grund haben wir wieder einige der Mitarbeiter von Groove Attack, Rough Trade Distribution und GoodToGo befragt, was ihre ganz persönlichen Highlights aus Musik & Film der vergangenen zwölf Monate waren. Nachfolgend sind ihre Antworten aufgelistet. Gleichzeitig möchten wir die Gelegenheit nutzen und uns bei allen Geschäftspartnern, Medienpartnern, Labels und Freunden für ein erfolgreiches Jahr und die tolle Kompletter Artikel →

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  • Jack Name – Light Show

    Sektion: Musik, Neue Releases

    Image: 1586987 Maybe I can start by saying a little bit about Jack Name. He is the only guy I know who can crush a joint by his lonesome and then look you right in the eye (and I consider myself an expert) and you would never suspect that he’s not floating right along in the here and now. He is ahead . . . the wheels are always turning unaffected by drugs, time or space. I met him first through White Fence, where he stood on a laptop generating noise along with guitar through, what is supposedly, an original homemade Grateful Dead speaker cabinet. How much good energy can one dude generate?

    Jack Name is a rare entity and a genius story/songsmith and I am envious as hell

    that GOD? Records is putting this out and not Castleface.

    Whiffs of young Brian Eno, Gary Numan, Chrome, ELO, Bruce Haack, even Richard O’Brien (a la “Rocky Horror”) and Stefan Wul stain the sleeves of this story, but it’s still wholly original and cooked at home so it’s as honest as it is good for you. The sounds are a dense and ever-shifting beast -- just an absolutely put-you-on-the-floor headphone record. The narrative holds as much significance as the sound, hopefully there will be a lyric sheet so teenagers ripe for a push in the right direction can follow along, pink-eyed , with their

    index fingers. “LIGHT SHOW” lifts off over an alien plane -- immediate, heavily skimming the surface of the landscape where the story unfurls. A conversation, maybe a dream . . . it’s a bit cloudy, but it’s just the start and it’s wonderful. So you prepare to soak up the whole story and carry it with you from now on. Looking down you get a stream of conscious view into the heads of the opposing factions constantly at war in this mirror dimension to our own. The wooly bullies are applying leaden pressure on the shadows which they resent for their imagination and lust for art. They use the whip of televised terror and the cell of prescriptions to flatten your creative energies. The shadows, in turn, need time, freedom and space to flourish away from the square oppressors. Growing up to be a rocker is rife with hassles from everyone. Go to school, go to work, go into the ground…this is not for all.

    But let it ring out, art will never lie down and die, it will always resurface and be greater for its duress. The wooly bullies can drug the youth down into numbness, they can burden your brain with ordinary things. They can terrorize you with the option of a hum-drum life, but they will never take away your born desire to create something beautiful, to be more than a face representing an empty heart.

    “I was there with the gang the time the telephone rang to say a sleeper bit the leader with his medicine fangs.”
    A stunningly melancholy call to arms. We are scared, but we are ready to fight for our right to be who we were born to be . . . individuals. We will not succumb to the terror tactics shot from the cathode ray by the squares.

    “We will die before we take their poison halo.” A powerful and inspiring message to all who will give ear to it. And yet, the story still ends with a weight of futility at the scope of
    the battle the shadows face. There are a lot of square wooly bullies out there, good luck and stay strong . -- John Dwyer, 2013

    My Own Electric Ladyland
    Do the Shadow
    Born to Lose
    Sound Was the Castle
    New Guitars
    Pure Terror
    It’s Right There
    Light Show
    Puffy Cheek Town
    Trans America
    Out of Sight
    Killing a Shadow
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  • Dustin Wong – Mediation Of Ecstatic Energy

    Sektion: Musik, Neue Releases

    Image: 1583477 From the opening notes of Mediation of Ecstatic Energy, it is clear that Dustin Wong has bested even himself in expanding the capacity
    of what can be done with a few pedals and a guitar. The album is the conclusion of a trilogy that began with 2010’s Infinite Love and
    continued with last year’s Dreams Say, View, Create, Shadow Leads, each record created by Dustin in solitude with ten fingers, two feet,
    and his endless imagination. Mediation shows Dustin complicating his already complex arrangements for guitar, voice, and loops, expanding
    not only his timbral palate, but also exploring new rhythmic intricacies. This is his first record since moving back to Japan (where he spent his
    childhood), and follows Toropical Circle, a collaborative release with Japanese singer Takako Minekawa, which was released on vinyl on
    Thrill Jockey in July.
    Dustin is constantly exploring new conceptual frameworks and methods of music making. “The Big She” opens Mediation of Ecstatic Energy with
    the most aggressive atmosphere Dustin has cultivated on a solo release. Explosive and unpredictable, the song features a constantly morphing
    loop-pulse that allows Dustin to clang and wail from above. Throughout the album, he uses syncopation, abnormal time signatures, and
    polyrhythm to create an overwhelming feeling of weightlessness, most notably on songs like “Out of the Crown Head” and “Imaginelectric.”
    There is also an increased bass presence, which is generated using his guitar and an octave pedal. These are the sounds of Dustin advancing
    his technique, pushing it as far as he can, from complex abstraction to blissful bursts of melody.
    Much of the album’s energy and all of the song titles are derived from a short story Dustin wrote, which is included in the album’s artwork.
    The story incorporates themes of youth, technology, and spirituality. It was partially inspired by Dustin’s experience growing up in a Christian
    school in Tokyo, which he attended from 3rd to 12th grade. It was here that Dustin was exposed to singing in rounds – a direct precursor to
    his dynamic loops. The theme of spirituality is directly reflected in the album’s artwork, which is a photo of Dustin’s aura taken in Japan.


    Mediation of Ecstatic Energy is the third album from Dustin Wong and the conclusion of a trilogy that began with Infinite Love (2010, Thrill 251) and continued with Dreams Say, View, Create, Shadow Leads (2012, Thrill
    Dustin will be touring the US extensively, including a run of dates with The Dodos, in the fall. He will be joined by Takako Minekawa on select dates, and possibly other collaborators as well
    Mediation follows the limited vinyl release Toropical Circle, a collaborative album with Japanese singer Takako Minekawa
    Limited deluxe LP edition includes a bonus 7” with an exclusive non-album track.

    The LP is pressed on high quality virgin vinyl and packaged in a full color jacket with artworked inner sleeve and a download coupon for all
    tracks. CD version packaged in a 4 panel mini-LP style gatefold package Dustin Wong was a founding member of Ponytail and Ecstatic Sunshine

    “Wong makes intricately layered guitar music that is as hypnotic as it is beautiful.” - The Fader
    “While Brian Eno and Robert Fripp first brought the music-assystem aesthetic within hailing distance of pop music in the mid-’70s, Wong is way ahead of them when it comes to making his system turn out things that sound like pop songs.” - Dusted Erhältlich ab 04.10.2013 Getaggt mit:
  • Dillon – This Silence Kills (LP+CD)

    Sektion: Musik, Neue Releases

    Image: 1567519 Debut album for the singer Dominique Dillon de Byington aka Dillon - she made a winding journey from Brazil to Berlin via Cologne. Dillon is inspired by Billie Holiday, Jean-Michel Basquiat, Jeff Buckley, and highly recommeded by DJ Koze!

    Everyone knows that DJ Koze has prophetic qualities, and not just since he began dropping tracks under his guru pseudonym Swhaimi. You see, many years before, he also waxed oracular about the singer Dominique Dillon de Byington, aka Dillon: “She sings comfortably imperfect and true. She has character. I like her. She has a bright future ahead of her.” And that future once prophesied by the wise Hamburg resident about the young artist from Berlin is now, as Dillon has sat down at her piano many times during the past few years and written captivating, quiet songs that definitely should be heard extremely loud.

    "This Silence Kills" has been co-produced by Tamer Özgönenc (MIT) and Thies Mynther (Phantom / Ghost, Stella) in Hamburg during Winter 2011.


    - CD in deluxe digipak with foldout poster-booklet included and also available as high quality limited edition vinyl with free album-CD!
    - International Promotion results - Features in Vogue, Elle, Mixmag, Groove, De:Bug, Dazed & Confused, Intro, Spex, and covermount CD for Musikexpress
    - Features/Reviews: Pitchfork, Fact Magazine, Mojo, DJ, Uncut, Intro, Coupe, Spex, Musikexpress, Groove, Subculture, Partysan, 030, Uncle Sallys, Mixmag, Tsugi, Trax, u.vm.!
    - Club Promotion incl. Remixes by Henrik Schwarz, Raw Milk, Kalabrese and others!
    - Ads and bannersn RA, XLR8RR, Groove, De:Bug,
    - Extensive online marketing via BPitch: newsletter (50.000 receivers +) and social media facebook / myspace / twitter etc
    - Video premiere of "Tip Tapping" on The Fader / XLR8R / Pitchfork
    - Artwork direction by Siggi Eggertsson from Iceland (i.e. Gnarls Barkley)


    BIO EN:
    YOUTUBE: Erhältlich ab 18.11.2011 Getaggt mit: