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  • Tangerine Dream – Particles (Invisible Hands)

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    Tangerine DreamTangerine Dream hatten seit ihrer Gründung Ende der 1960’er in Westberlin einen maßgeblichen Einfluss auf die Entwicklung der elektronischen Musik und galten als einer der führenden Vertreter des Krautrock. In den 1980’ern lieferten sie beachtliche Soundtracks zu Filmen wie “Firestarter”, “Risky Business”, “Near Dark”, “Thief” und Sorcerer” ab, ihr musikalischer Einfluss auf den Soundtrack der Netflix-Kultserie Kompletter Artikel →

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  • The Aries Project – English Ghosts

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    Image: 1620186 The Aries Project bestehen aus Produzent Charles Kennedy (Keyboards), Nigel Ross-Scott (ex-Mitglied der 1980er Synthband Re-Flex, Bass), Charlie Grima (ex-Mitglied der 1970er Glamrocker Wizzard, Vocals & Percussion) und Mike Christer (Gitarre). Zusammen kreieren sie einen psychedelisch-meditativen Sound aus Rock und Electronica mit Elementen aus Psych-Folk, World und Balearic (siehe Tangerine Dream, Pink Floyd). Bevor im Laufe des Jahres neues Material erscheint, macht das Label Invisible Hands die Vinylversion "English Ghosts" ihres 1996er Albums "British Ghosts", das damals nur als CD erschien, erstmals flächendeckend erhältlich. Erhältlich ab 07.09.2018 Getaggt mit:
  • Trans Am – The Surveillance

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    America has surrendered to its insecurity. We have surrounded ourselves with a million cameras, alarms, and home security systems promising an armed response to all intruders. When this fails, our fear moves us to gated "communities" —a return to the walled towns of the Dark Ages.

    Despite all the extreme measures we've taken to gain some peace of mind, we still can't shake the feeling we're being watched, counted, manipulated. Perhaps we have focused so excessively on prowlers and other dark shadows that we can't feel the stare of modern industry's invisible eye. Today we enjoy virtually no privacy as the technology of surveillance is turned upon us, our every consumer move is observed, analyzed and filed.

    TRANS AM's third record, The Surveillance, is the first record recorded and mixed entirely by the band. Their home studio, the Bridge, took several months to build. The Surveillance was to take an equal amount of time as the band labored hard to give the recording what they call "a dangerous quality" . What is dangerous to TRANS AM? It is no noise reduction, no digital tape compression, and no computer aided editing. Instead they relied on live performances, hours of hard work, hands-on mixing, careful microphone placement, and, to quote the band, "faith in their experimental vision." They built the Bridge to allow themselves this freedom, and they ran with it.

    The results are raw, sparse electronic breaks mixed with diesel-powered rock and roll. TRANS AM put it in more masculine terms—"balls-to-the-wall- rockers", which perhaps better capture not only the sound but the intent. TRANS AM tour almost constantly. The Surveillance captures the urgent energy of their live performance. On the electronic side, several drum machines, keyboards and effects processors have been added to their tremendously outdated arsenal, though TRANS AM are unwilling to divulge the specifics. Paranoid? Hardly. Some things are just too important to share.

    When asked to describe the results of the careful construction known as The Surveillance, TRANS AM merely stated, this is "A no bullshit album. Erhältlich ab 11.04.2014 Getaggt mit: