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  • Logg – Logg

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    Image: 1652473 The undisputed Godfather of Boogie, Leroy Burgess’s Logg project is his grand masterpiece.

    The self-titled LP, originally released on Salsoul in August 1981, is one of the greatest albums of the post-disco era. It’s one of Be With’s favourite ever LPs and so it’s a complete honour to be giving it our reissue treatment. With all the touchstones of Burgess’s finest work - breezy grooves, undulating synths, funk-drenched bass and life-affirming lyrics - delivered with gospel-derived vocals and harmonies - it’s a record to uplift both body and spirit.

    Already a cult soul figure as lead singer of seminal vocal group Black Ivory, Leroy Burgess cut his teeth as arranger, vocalist and songwriter with legendary producer Patrick Adams on essential late-70s projects like Phreek and Dazzle. He went on to define the essence of “boogie”: the vibrant underground dance sound that stood in contrast to commercial disco. With its reduced speed - mid-90 to under 110 BPM - the cool boogie of Burgess has the disco bounce, just more laidback.

    All six tracks here could have been stand alone 12" hits. Indeed, some of them were. But together they are also an incredibly cohesive album, where all the compositions are deeply relevant to each other. In short, it’s essential, a thrilling showcase for Burgess’s finest arranging and production work - with his vocals at their euphoric peak alongside the inventive rhythm section of Aaron (Sonny) T. Davenport on drums and James Calloway on bass.

    Opener “(You’ve Got) That Something” is a balmy sunshine groover with an insistent chorus whilst the timeless vocal of “Dancing Into The Stars” - married to percolating synth and airtight drums - showcases the chemistry between Burgess and the rhythm section.

    The fusion of funk and gospel-influenced harmonies which propels “Something Else” is remarkable - deep, joyous and bouncy. Infamously mixed by Larry Levan, “I Know You Will” is an easy glide, all rollicking electric piano underpinned by a precise and relentlessly upbeat groove. “Lay It On The Line” radiates smooth, understated brilliance, elevated by interstellar keys and finally album-closer “Sweet To Me” is a chilled-out gem of profound soulful elegance.

    Logg has long been a hit with the likes of Kenny Dope and Dam-Funk whilst, in the last decade, MCDE and Harvey Sutherland have routinely cited it as a huge influence. Accordingly, finding original copies on vinyl at affordable prices has been a thankless task. This fresh Be With reissue ensures this legendary record now sounds, looks and feels as sensational as it deserves to.

    Mastered brilliantly by Simon Francis, cut by Pete Norman and with lovingly reproduced artwork, we think this is a reissue that does justice to this classic LP.

    Track List:

    A1 : (You’ve Got) That Something

    A2 : Dancing Into The Stars

    A3 : Something Else

    B1 : I Know You Will

    B2 : Lay It On The Line

    B3 : Sweet To Me Erhältlich ab 05.07.2019 Getaggt mit:
  • SUMAC – Love In Shadow (2LP+MP3)

    Sektion: Musik, Neue Releases

    Image: 1620554 SUMAC - guitarist and vocalist Aaron Turner (Old Man Gloom, Mamiffer,
    ISIS), drummer Nick Yacyshyn (Baptists, Erosion), and bassist Brian Cook
    (Russian Circles, Botch) - delivers their third full length album, Love in
    Shadow, a brutalizing dive into love and all its raw emotions. The album
    was recorded live in a single room at Robert Lang Studios (Nirvana, Foo
    Fighters) in Washington by Kurt Ballou (Converge), who later mixed the
    album at his own studio GodCity.
    The album ?ows with the continued momentum from their acclaimed
    collaborative release with with legendary Japanese artist Keiji Haino
    (Fushitsusha, Painkiller) earlier this year American Dollar Bill - Keep
    Facing Sideways, You’re Too Hideous To Look At Face On, incorporating
    more freeform abstraction into their raw, bombastic, and jagged sound. The
    intense exploration of tension and chaos is mirrored in Turner’s striking
    visual art for the album, where strands of frayed ink and hints of color
    coalesce into a swamp-like form both elaborately disorienting and minutely
    structured in its packaging.
    Each member of SUMAC has remained prolifc within their own right, with
    Turner continuing to release albums with a myriad of projects and through
    his own imprint SIGE, Yacyshyn recently releasing new music with Baptists
    as well as scoring a horror flm soundtrack, and Cook consistently touring
    the world, sharing the stage with bands like Mastodon, Chelsea Wolfe, and
    many more.
    Love can be ugly. But at its core, it’s alive, unpredictable, and volatile. On
    Love In Shadow, SUMAC captures that passion in the most primal and
    unfettered manner possible.

    1. The Task (Side A)
    2. Attis’ Blade (Side B)
    3. Arcing Silver (Side C)
    4. Ecstacy of Unbecoming (Side D)

    SUMAC are the powerhouse trio of Aaron Turner (Isis, Old
    Man Gloom, Mamiffer), Nick Yacyshyn (Baptists) and Brian
    Cook (Russian Circles, Botch)
    SUMAC have an extensive tour planned across the midwest
    and east coast, coming right before the release of Love in
    2xLP pressed on virgin vinyl, packaged in a wide spine jacket
    printed on uncoated stock with custom high gloss slipcase
    and free download card.
    CD packaged in a 4 panel mini-LP style gatefold jacket
    printed on high gloss and with mini-poster insert.
    In addition to Thrill Jockey, Stephanie Marlow, of Indie PR,
    will be supporting press/marketing campaigns.
    SUMAC’s What One Becomes has been a best seller since
    release in June 2016, selling through multiple vinyl pressings
    “Defantly experimental and exploratory, full of dissonant
    bursts of sludge, quick punches of math, desert-wandering
    Morricone metal, throbbing Swans-ian slamming and
    sections opened up for improvisation.” - Rolling Stone
    “For over two decades, Aaron Turner has been on the front
    lines of intelligent forward-thinking heavy music” - Revolver
    “One of the year’s best rock records” - NPR (on American
    Dollar Bill...) Erhältlich ab 21.09.2018 Getaggt mit:
  • Mint Field – Pasar De Las Luces (Gatefold 2LP+MP3)

    Sektion: Musik, Neue Releases

    Image: 1616904 Hailing from Tijuana, Mexico and comprised of 21-year-olds Estrella Sanchez (vocals &
    guitar) and Amor Amezcua (drums & synths), Mint Field’s sound is organic, spacious, and
    inhabited by spectres that lurk behind rhythms, where Estrella’s angelic voice evokes a
    supernatural world of beauty and melancholy.
    Pasar De Las Luces, their first for LA-based Innovative Leisure Records, is “a compilation of
    our lives from two years ago to now” says the band. Its 13 immaculate tracks nod to
    everything from dream pop to fuzz-saturated shoegaze. Album opener “El Parque Parecía
    No Tener Fin,” is a melodic number with haunting melodic lines where we can appreciate their
    post-punk tendencies. “Ciudad Satélite” has woven harmonies and crescendos that detonate
    into a flurry of feelings anchored by a dramatic bassline. “Quiero Otoño De Nuevo” goes full
    krautrock and is like an introverted, reflective and delicate Neu!. ”Cambios Del Pasar”
    borrows the distorted and imperfect guitar sounds of ‘90s indie bands like Yo Lat Tengo.
    “Nada Es Estático y Evoluciona” develops from minimalism into a silent scream and “Club De
    Chicas” is probably the peppiest song of the bunch. The whole record has a unique sound
    that makes it stand apart from projects by contemporaries

    Packaging: 2LP Gatefold Jacket + download card

    1. El Parque Pareci´a No Tener Fin
    2. Ojos En El Carro
    3. Ciudad Sate´lite
    4. Temporada De Jacarandas
    5. Quiero Oton~o De Nuevo
    6. Cambios Del Pasar
    7. Viceversa
    8. Nostalgia
    9. Boo¨tes Void
    10. Nada Es Esta´tico Y Evoluciona
    11. Club De Chicas
    12. Para Gali
    13. Pa´rpados Morados

    Released on Innovative Leisure, the independent LA label behind Allah-Las, BADBADNOTGOOD, Hanni El Khatib, Nick Waterhouse and more
    For fans of Cigarettes After Sex, The Jesus And Mary Chain, Cherry Glazerr, Cocteau Twins, Brian Eno and more Erhältlich ab 23.02.2018

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  • The Skull Defects – The Skull Defects (LP+MP3)

    Sektion: Musik, Neue Releases

    Image: 1617223 After thirteen years as one of the centerpieces of Sweden’s experimental
    rock scene The Skull Defekts return with their fnal, self-titled album.
    The Skull Defekts are known for merging the coarse vitality of punk with
    the ritualism of folk dances to create music that is addictive, wondrously
    discordant, and rooted in a belief in the overwhelming power of pure
    Their fnal self-titled album is the band’s most composed effort to date
    and features new member Mariam Wallentin (Wildbirds & Peacedrums)
    joining core members Joachim Nordwall (founder of groundbreaking
    iDEAL Recordings), Daniel Fagge Fagerström (8 Days of Nothing), and
    Henrik Rylander (Union Carbide Productions).
    The members of The Skull Defekts are singular forces in the European
    experimental scene. Nordwall has frequently collaborated with
    acclaimed saxophonist Mats Gustafsson, including in his Fire! Orchestra,
    alongside Wallentin, who herself has collaborated with Swedish singer
    Lykke Li. In addition to The Skull Defekts, Nordwall and Rylander have
    worked together on numerous projects, including Orchestra Of Constant
    Distress, and Saturn And The Sun. The Defekts have worked with a wide
    variety of labels, a testament to their creative energy and the diversity
    of their output, including Important, Meudiademorte, Diagonal, Aa,
    iDeal, Touch, and Kning Disk. Frequent collaborator and singular artist
    in his own right Daniel Higgs again created the album artwork.

    1. A Brief History of Rhythm, Dub, Life and Death
    2. Clean Mind
    3. The Dance
    4. Slow Storm
    5. Powdered Faces
    6. All Thoughts Thought
    7. A Message From The Skull Defekts
    8. The Beauty of Creation and Destruction

    “A slice of the kind of relentlessly pounding, tribal
    doomrock” – Tiny Mix Tapes
    The Skull Defekts have operated as one of the centerpieces
    of Sweden’s experimental rock scene and have toured the
    world over the past decade
    Cover artwork by Daniel Higgs (Lungfsh)
    LP pressed on black virgin vinyl and presented in a tip-on
    jacket with printed inner sleeve and free download card.
    The inner sleeve features printing on the inside pocket and
    the back panel of the LP jacket is printed in FOUR different
    colors, randomly distributed
    Full online marketing campaign and playlist pitching
    The Skull Defekts will perform their last shows in 2018 with
    plans to tour in both Europe and the US
    “A primordial force, promising liberation through
    obliteration.” – The Quietus
    “Not many bands in recent memory have been able to
    combine noise and otherworldly sonics with the sweat and
    hot breath of punk rock. The Skull Defekts have mastered it,
    boiled it down and resurrected it. For the sake of humanity,
    here’s hoping it burrows its way into more ears.” – Paste
    “This band are masters of their craft”
    – The Line of Best Fit Erhältlich ab 09.03.2018

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  • Keiji Haino & SUMAC – American Dollar Bill (2LP+MP3)

    Sektion: Musik, Neue Releases

    Image: 1617227 Japan’s fearless multi-instrumentalist and cultural provocateur Keiji Haino
    has made a career out of his free-form musical improvisations and diverse
    collaborations. Whether deconstructing American blues to a few rogue
    notes hanging across chasms of empty space in his solo endeavors, sparring
    with the nebulous fringes of psychedelia in Fushitsusha, or teaming up with
    musicians like Faust, Boris, Jim O’Rourke, Stephen O’Malley, John Zorn,
    and Peter Brötzmann for ?eeting aural experiments. Haino’s work is never
    pre-planned or structured, but rather a completely spontaneous exploration
    of chemistry, texture, and dynamics.
    SUMAC’s tenure is much younger than Haino’s, though guitarist/vocalist
    Aaron Turner has covered a similarly large swath of musical territory across
    numerous projects and collaborations, from the sedated drones of recent
    projects with Daniel Menche and William Fowler Collins to the modern
    compositions of Mamiffer and all the way back to the restless evolutions of
    post-metal stalwarts ISIS. With his cohorts Nick Yacyshyn (Baptists, Erosion)
    on drums and Brian Cook (Russian Circles) on bass, Turner has dissolved
    the rigid forms of heavy music, searching for a balance between disciplined
    precision and unhinged musical barbarism, crafting music that vacillates
    between meticulously detailed instrumentation and uninhibited forays into
    oblique abstraction.
    For American Dollar Bill – Keep Facing Sideways, You’re Too Hideous To Look
    At Face On, Keiji Haino and SUMAC met up in Tokyo’s Goksound recording
    studio to track a series of unrehearsed, completely non-premeditated
    sessions. Captured across several reels of tape, the collaboration harnessed
    Haino’s tension-inducing use of empty space on songs like “I’m over 137%
    a love junkie, and it’s still not enough” while pushing SUMAC’s dissident
    metal vocabulary on “What have I done (I was reeling in something white…)”.
    Throughout the course of its hour-plus length, American Dollar Bill pushes
    and pulls at the strictures of metal and bends the stylistic formalities of
    improvised music to create a sonic purge unencumbered by convention.

    1. American Dollar Bill – Keep Facing Sideways,
    You’re Too Hideous To Look At Face On
    2. What Have I Done? (I Was Reeling In
    Something White…Pt. I
    3. I’m Over 137% A Love Junkie and Still It’s
    Not Enough Pt. I
    4. I’m Over 137% A Love Junkie and Still It’s
    Not Enough Pt. II
    5. What Have I Done? (I Was Reeling In
    Something White…Pt. II

    SUMAC, the trio of Aaron Turner (ISIS, Old Man Gloom,
    Mamiffer), Nick Yacyshyn (Baptists, Erosion), and Brian
    Cook (Russian Circles) present their frst collaboration with
    Japan’s cultural provocateur Keiji Haino
    2xLP pressed on virgin vinyl, packaged in a wide spine jacket
    printed on uncoated stock with custom slipcase also printed
    on uncoated stock with metallic ink and free download card.
    Very limited translucent red vinyl available.
    CD packaged in a 4 panel mini-LP style gatefold jacket printed
    on uncoated stock with metallic ink and 4 panel booklet
    SUMAC’s What One Becomes has been a best seller since
    release in June 2016, selling through multiple vinyl pressings
    SUMAC have toured constantly throughout N. America,
    Europe, and Japan over the past year
    “One of the most intriguing and mysterious fgures to
    emerge from the Japanese psychedelic underground.”
    – Red Bull Music Academy on Keiji Haino
    “Sumac are pushing metal in a direction so uncomfortable
    it may cease to be metal, into an openness that isn’t about
    saying “FUCK YOU!” the loudest. The result is some of
    [Aaron Turner’s] most exciting work since Isis disbanded.”
    – Pitchfork Erhältlich ab 09.03.2018

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  • Emptyset – Borders (LP+MP3)

    Sektion: Musik, Neue Releases

    Image: 1607503 Emptyset is the innovative electronic duo of James Ginzburg and Paul Purgas.
    The duo composes within a complex set of self-imposed parameters or rule
    sets and the results of their expeditions on Borders are at once minimal and
    visceral. Focusing on shifting timbral changes over melody, Emptyset’s work is
    an exploration of the relationship between rhythm, texture and space.
    The pair shares a history in Bristol’s underground music scene as well as an
    impressive list of production credits. Ginzburg, now Berlin based, runs a
    network of record labels including electronic music label Subtext and Arc
    Light Editions, whose reissues include a work by Arthur Russell. He’s a prolific
    producer and remixer for both independent and major labels, with diverse
    projects such as Faint Wild Light, Ginz and more recently Bleed Turquoise.
    Purgas, now based in London, founded the We Elude Control label in 2009,
    a curated collection of rare experimental music. Purgas is an artist, writer and
    curator who has presented projects with Tate, Whitechapel and Serpentine
    Galleries, and he is also an active promoter of electronic music in eclectic
    spaces from a carpark to a Modernist pavilion.
    Each project’s framework and parameters dictate how the sound or performance
    evolves. In the past, Emptyset have explored the ways in which the sonic
    and spatial interact within different architectural contexts: often site-specific
    locations such as the decommissioned Trawsfynydd nuclear power station in
    North Wales, or the neo-gothic Woodchester Mansion. Borders takes a different
    approach, centering around the performative and the performer. Having each
    created their own tactile instruments, a six-stringed zither-like instrument and
    a drum, Emptyset focuses on how organic sounds interact with the analogue
    processes that have defined their work to date.
    Contrasting typical approaches to making electronic music, Emptyset set out
    to emphasize live performance rather than creating sequences within devices.
    While Purgas and Ginzburg utilize vintage analogue electronics, compressing
    and distorting the signals, the album itself is performed entirely live, where
    subtle movements make for substantial changes in sound.
    From the very first track, “Body,” one can hear how the physicality of the
    instruments have imbued the sound’s texture. The physical characteristics of
    the metal strings create a layer of dynamic juxtaposition to the grinding timbres
    emerging around them. The broody “Ascent,” features the album’s clearest
    call-and-response between the stringed instrument and the drum, barking and
    thudding back and forth at one another. Evident in tracks such as “Border”
    and “Speak,” Emptyset uses basic rhythmic structures drawn from an array of
    broad cultural practices, expressed neutrally and without overemphasis on the
    source. Taken as a whole Borders distills the duo’s inspirations to their essence
    and the resulting music is as raw as it is captivating.

    1. Body
    2. Border
    3. Descent
    4. Across
    5. Speak
    6. Axis
    7. Sight
    8. Retrieve
    9. Ascent
    10. Ground
    11. Dissolve

    “[Emptyset’s music is] something genuinely alien, and that
    alone is reason enough to listen.” – Resident Advisor
    “Intriguing – even bracing.” – The Guardian
    “Emptyset are one of the most innovative acts currently
    working in the techno domain.” – FACT
    Borders is Emptyset’s Thrill Jockey debut following limited
    and sold out releases for Raster-Norton, Subtext, Future
    Days, and Caravan Recordings
    Empytset have performed at many high profile festivals
    including Unsound, Mutek, CTM, Sonic Acts, Berghain,
    Luminato, Adelaide, and Bozar. There is already interest
    from MUTEK, Moogfest, Walker Art Center, and Getty Center
    for 2017 performances
    Ginzburg is a prolific producer and remixer with his projects
    Faint Wild Light, Ginz (collaborations with dubstep/grime
    musician Joker), and Bleed Turquoise
    LP pressed on virgin vinyl with artworked inner sleeve and
    free download coupon. A limited supply will be pressed on
    clear vinyl. CD version in 4 panel mini-LP style gatefold
    Empytset have a history of work for film trailers and are
    being pitched for new music synchs around this release
    Turkish conceptual artist Cevdet Erek is working on a remix
    and will be representing Turkey at the 2017 Venice Biennale
    with his series of studies A Room of Rhythms
    Emptyset have been commissioned for Architecture
    Foundation’s installation at Ambika P3 space near Baker
    Street in London, Tate Britain’s Performing Architecture
    programme, a collaboration with conceptual artist Cevdet
    Erek for Spike Island, an installation at the Victoria and Albert
    Museum in London, and a study of composition through
    ionospheric propagation developed with Deutschland Radio Erhältlich ab 27.01.2017

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