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  • Mercury Rev vereinen die großen Songwriterinnen unserer Zeit

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    Mercury RevBei Mercury Revs “The Delta Sweete Revisited” handelt sich um eine Neuauflage von Bobbie Gentrys vergessenem Meisterwerk aus dem Jahr 1968, und es enthält eine beeindruckende Liste von Gastsängerinnen: Norah Jones, Hope Sandoval, Beth Orton, Lucinda Williams, Rachel Goswell, Vashti Bunyan, Marissa Nadler, Susanne Sundfør, Phoebe Bridgers, Margo Price, Kaela Sinclair, Carice Van Houten sowie Laetitia Sadier. Kompletter Artikel →

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  • Jason Becker – Triumphant Hearts (Mascot Label Group)

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    Jason BeckerEin triumphales Album des an ALS/Amyotrophe Lateralsklerose erkrankten Musikers und Komponisten Jason Becker! Spricht man über den aktuellen Output eines grundsätzlich dem Hardrock und Metal zuzuordnenden Künstlers, so mutet es womöglich merkwürdig an, wenn man dessen Werk als zu Herzen gehend bezeichnet. Bei Jason Becker jedoch liegt der Fall anders. Dies nicht nur, weil Kompletter Artikel →

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  • Various – Brainfeeder X (Brainfeeder)

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    Brainfeeder X10 Jahre Brainfeeder: Brainfeeder veröffentlicht ein exklusives 4LP/2CD Box-Set inklusive 22 neuen Songs von Thundercat feat. BadBadNotGood, Flying Lotus, Georgia Anne Muldrow, u.v.a.! In den letzten zehn Jahren hat Brainfeeder die Welt daran erinnert, dass die Zukunft oft nur einen Wimpernschlag entfernt ist. Es ist weniger ein Label als eine internationale Verschwörung, um Klischeeklänge zu unterwerfen, eine leuchtende Neonhelix, die die Kompletter Artikel →

  • Glenn Jones – The Giant Who Ate Himself… (LP+MP3)

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    Image: 1619789 The Giant Who Ate Himself And Other New Works For 6 & 12 String Guitar
    is Glenn Jones at his most vivid, exploring memories old and new through
    beautifully woven threads of melody. His unparalleled skill and creativity
    exhibits the mastery Jones possesses of his craft, further cementing his position
    as a pillar in American Primitive guitar music. Recorded in New Jersey by
    Laura Baird and mixed by Matthew Azevado, The Giant Who Ate Himself And
    Other New Works For 6 & 12 String Guitar, make for an exceptional evening of
    The album’s title is itself is an homage for Jones’ mentor John Fahey, whose
    friendship with Jones spanned 25 years. The people whom Jones surrounded
    himself with too share a presence in the pieces throughout the album. “A
    Different Kind of Christmas Carol” took on an entirely new life for Jones after his
    curmudgeonly, Scrooge-like introduction to the song at a show in Pennsylvania
    was met with beaming enthusiasm from a child. The arching journey of “From
    Frederick To Fredericksburg” recounts a day Jones spent with old friend and
    collaborator the late Jack Rose while visiting renowned 78 collector Joe Bussard
    and their journey home late into the night. Sounds of the rural New Jersey
    outdoors of the recording studio even fnd their way onto the album with the
    sound collage piece “River In The Sky.”
    Jones approaches his compositions frst and foremost as concepts, emotions,
    and colors. Every step in his process of writing and recording is in service of
    creating a distinct character for each piece. According to Jones, “To get that
    sense of place and time, you have to let the world into the recording.” By giving
    glimpses of the colorful personalities who have affected him, Jones’ The Giant
    Who Ate Himself in turn shows us who he is: a master of his craft, continuing
    to reach for more.

    1. The Giant Who Ate Himself
    2. Everything Ends
    3. The Last Passenger Pigeon
    4. The Was And The Is
    5. A Different Kind Of Christmas Carol
    6. River In The Sky
    7. From Frederick To Fredericksburg
    8. Even The Snout And The Tail
    9. Elliot Audrey, Born Today
    10. The Sunken Amusement Park

    Glenn Jones is an established pillar of storytellying in
    American Primitive guitar music.
    “His tunings are counterintuitive and mesmerizing, his use of
    partial capos and muted strings is novel and intriguing. But to
    Jones’ great credit, those only feel like tools for telling stories.”
    – Pitchfork
    “It’s incredibly calming to watch Glenn Jones play
    acoustic guitar….there’s nothing ?ashy about his style,
    only careful consideration as he gently hops over the frets
    like a lily-padding frog” – NPR All Songs Considered
    “Glenn Jones has a purist’s mastery but an inventor’s
    imagination” – The Wire
    The album was recorded in New Jersey by Laura Baird and
    mixed by Mathew Azevado
    The Giant Who Ate Himself is an homage to Jones’ friend and
    mentor, John Fahey, who’s friendship with Jones spanned 25
    LP pressed on virgin vinyl and packaged in a heavy stock
    jacket with inner sleeve including notes and tunings of each
    song and free download card.
    CD version in a 4 panel mini-LP style gatefold package. Erhältlich ab 24.08.2018

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