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  • Rummelsnuff – Salzig Schmeckt Der Wind (Out Of Line Music)

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    Rummelsnuff“Salzig schmeckt der Wind” ist die ausführliche Aufarbeitung des musikalischen Lebensweges von Rummelsnuff. Auf 2 CDs oder Doppel-Vinyl finden sich die größten Hits, Gassenhauer und Klassiker des singenden Muskelberges, komplett klangtechnisch überarbeitet und in teils neuen Versionen mit seinem langjährigen Mitstreiter, Maat Asbach. Eine umfassende Werkschau des wohl originellsten Kompletter Artikel →

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  • New Kids On The Block – Thankful (EP) (NKOTB Music)

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    New Kids On The BlockBevor New Kids On The Block, kurz NKOTB, neben Paula Abdul und Boyz II Men auf ihre mit Spannung erwartete “Total Package Tour” gehen, erscheint ihre neue “Thankful”-EP. Die Pop-Supergroup um Joey McIntyre, Donnie Wahlberg, Danny Wood, Jordan und Jonathan Knight erweitert damit ihre bereits beeindruckende Liste von Veröffentlichungen. Es ist zudem die erste neue Musik seit Kompletter Artikel →

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  • Garish – Komm Schwarzer Kater (Ink Music)

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    GarishFür das mittlerweile siebte Studioalbum “Komm Schwarzer Kater”, haben Garish in vielerlei Hinsicht ihre Komfortzone verlassen. Gerade nach den Erfolgen der letzten Platten “Wenn Dir Das Meine Liebe Nicht Beweist” (2010) und “Trumpf” (2014) war es ein Anliegen, die Zeit nicht stillstehen zu lassen, sondern das Glück und sich selbst noch einmal herauszufordern. Die Veränderung dabei positiv zu besetzen und die sich daraus Kompletter Artikel →

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  • Solomun – Selected Remixes 2009-2015 (Diynamic Music)

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    SolomunMit “Selected Remixes 2009-2015” veröffentlicht der DJ und Produzent Solomun zum ersten Mal eine Werkschau seiner eigenen Lieblings-Remixe. Der Diynamic-Labelboss gilt als einer der begehrtesten Remixer dieser Tage. Internationale Stars wie Foals, Editors, Broken Bells, Paul Kalkbrenner oder Lana del Rey vertrauen auf die Fähigkeiten des gebürtigen Bosniers, ihre Tracks tanzbar Kompletter Artikel →

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  • Neues Album der britischen Band Treetop Flyers auf Loose Music

    Sektion: News

    Treetop FlyersMit “Palomino” übertrifft sich die britische Band auch nach dem Ausstieg des Bassisten Matthew Starritt selbst. Auf ihrem zweiten Album für das britische Loose Music Label vereinen sie gekonnt fluffige West Coast Sounds, Psychedelic-Rock, Country-Soul mit einer großen Portion Pop. “Palomino” nahmen die Treetop Flyers in Eigengregie in ihren Londoner Soup Studios auf. Während der Aufnahmen zeigte sich, dass die Band dadurch ein Kompletter Artikel →

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  • Drawing Circles – Sinister Shores (Eat The Beat Music)

    Sektion: Highlights

    Drawing CirclesDas junge Trio aus Bonn (alle drei Musiker sind Anfang 20) existiert seit 2011 und spielt Ambient-Alternative. Dabei verbindet das Trio die zerbrechliche Atmosphäre von Acts wie Daughter mit der unmittelbaren Aggression von Bands wie Brand New oder Hot Water Music. Die erste offizielle Single “Little Lies” zeigt, wie dynamisch Drawing Circles sind und wie gut es ihnen gelingt, trotz Kompletter Artikel →

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  • Treetop Flyers – Palomino (Loose Music)

    Sektion: Highlights

    Treetop FlyersMit “Palomino” übertrifft sich die britische Band auch nach dem Ausstieg des Bassisten Matthew Starritt selbst. Auf ihrem zweiten Album für das britische Loose Music Label vereinen sie gekonnt fluffige West Coast Sounds, Psychedelic-Rock, Country-Soul mit einer großen Portion Pop. “Palomino” nahmen die Treetop Flyers in Eigengregie in ihren Londoner Soup Studios auf. Während der Aufnahmen zeigte sich, dass die Band dadurch ein gewisses Kompletter Artikel →

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  • John Cale – Music For A New Society / M:Fans (Domino Records)

    Sektion: Highlights

    John CaleEnde Januar erscheint bei Domino “Music For A New Society/M:Fans”, ein 2CD Bundle und zwei separat erhältliche LPs, bestehend aus dem Klassiker “Music For A New Society” (1982) und “M:Fans”, ein bis dato unveröffentlichtes Rework des 82er Albums. Musikalisch einer der größten und wandlungsfähigsten Künstler unserer Zeit, zeichnet sich der britische Artrocker John Cale, der vor allem mit Kompletter Artikel →

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  • Various – Rocket Girl 20 (LTD. Book+CD+7"+Flexidisc+MP3)

    Sektion: Musik, Neue Releases

    Image: 1623601 2018 feierte das von Vinita Joshi geführte englische Kultlabel Rocket Girl 20-jähriges Jubiläum, das nun mit dieser speziellen Veröffentlichung gefeiert wird. Das 70-seitige und beeindruckend illustrierte Hardcoverbuch enthält neben einer 16-Track CD eine 7", eine Flexidisc einen Anthony Ausgang Druck und alle 20-Tracks als MP-Download.

    ‘There are still precious few women at the helm of record labels, let alone Indian women, but Vinita stands out as a proud anomaly… a champion of the underdog, an underdog herself, a surrogate mother to unsung musicians, a relentless workerbee, a fan, a carer, a catalyst…’ (Richard Milward, from the Rocket Girl 20 book)

    Track list:
    1. Silver Apples 'Susie'(Rocket Mix)
    2. Mogwai 'Fight For Work' 7" flexi*
    3. Bardo Pond 'Out of Nowhere' 7" vinyl*
    4. Kirk Lake 'Go Ask Adorno'
    5. Azusa Plane 'Pop World' 7" vinyl*
    6. P.S. I Love You 'The Sun, The Sea, And The Song'
    7. Coldharbourstores 'Seven Minutes'
    8. July Skies 'Swallows and Swifts II'
    9. Fuxa 'Sun is Shining' (Congo Hammer Remix)
    10. God is an Astronaut 'Reverse World' (quiet)
    11. A Place to Bury Strangers 'A Million Tears'
    12. Robin Guthrie 'Flicker'
    13. Television Personalities 'All Coming Back'
    14. Pieter Nooten 'I Want You'
    15. Anthony Reynolds 'Losers Like Us Take The Bus' DOWNLOAD ONLY*
    16. Jon DeRosa 'Golden Dawn'
    17. Bell Gardens 'Might Be You'
    18. White Ring 'Heavy'
    19. Andrew Weatherall ‘Cosmonautrix’
    20. Transient Waves 'D jam'

    All tracks are on the CD except those highlighted*.
    All 20 tracks available via the download code.

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  • Nick Waterhouse – Nick Waterhouse (180g LP+MP3)

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    Image: 1623099 Nick Waterhouse grew up in a coastal town near Long Beach, CA. It was a serene setting: the ocean stretching out for miles to the North and South, manicured lawns, two-story homes, long swathes of concrete highway, fast food chains and mega malls. He was there for two decades. Then, he left. He found a home in his early 20s in San Francisco, working at record stores alongside a collective of likeminded young crate-diggers and 45 collectors. And then he started making his own records: “Time’s All Gone” in 2012, “Holly” in 2014, and “Never Twice” in 2016. These were evocative albums, steeped in a perfectionism and clarity of vision that informed every choice, from the studios to the players, the arrangements to the album art. Everything, deliberately designed and purposeful, bubbling over with power and feeling. And as those records rolled out into the world, Waterhouse found a dedicated audience of his own as well as a bevy of influential champions and collaborators, including garage-rock mystic Ty Segall, retro-futurist R&B bandleader Leon Bridges and the LA-based quartet Allah-Las, whose first two albums he meticulously produced and played on. There is a “Waterhouse Sound” and it comes from both the man and the method — recording everything on magnetic tape, through analog equipment, and playing live (!), eyeball to eyeball, whenever possible. Now, he’s finished his fourth album. He’s calling it “Nick Waterhouse.” And whether intentional or not, it is perhaps his most reflective — and reflexive — album, employing all of the mature production techniques learned throughout his professional career while retaining a viscous edge that allows it to land with colossal impact — more raw, heavy and overtly confrontational than anything he’s made before. “Nick Waterhouse” was recorded at the finest working studio in Los Angeles, Electro Vox Recorders, and co-produced by Paul Butler (The Bees, Michael Kiwanuka, Devendra Banhart), the master of all things warm, rich and wooly. Nick’s songs here are personal, but personal in the way that “Please Mr. Postman,” “What’s Going On” and “Cathy’s Clown” are — intimate, direct, yet still malleable enough for listeners to suffuse their own life stories into the mix. The album is thick with talented players, including Andres Rentaria, Paula Henderson and the staggering, howling saxophone of Mando Dorame. All of the new Waterhouse songs sound big. Brawny and muscular. The lyrics are suspicious, outraged and, at times, very vulnerable (muscle is just flesh, after all). Waterhouse uses an economy of words to deliver complex, coded messages. He offers up equal parts criticism of the time we live in and innate human flaws. He paints relationships under the cover of darkness, slashing through neo-noir fantasies that are romantic, blood-spattered and bracingly aware of the powerlessness felt among people, amid the rapid onslaught of commercialism and technological progress. And, as has become his signature, he throws in a tune written by a close friend. On this record, he covers “I Feel an Urge Coming On” in tribute to the song’s author, Nick’s own mentor and collaborator Joshie Jo Armstead, who wrote music with Ray Charles and sang as both an Ikette and Raelette in the ’60s and ’70s. He’s four albums in, but it makes sense that this specific record is the one that takes his name. You can really here Nick on this one. Not just the band. Not just the songs. Not just the sound. HIM. You can hear his mind at work. His passion. His focus. More importantly, you can feel it.

    Pull Quotes:
    His style is all his own" - NPR
    "Brisk, self-contained, a little mysterious, and catchy enough to revisit again and again" - Paste Magazine "
    "Waterhouse remains as spirited as he is studious, crooning and belting at all the appropriate moments with a little bit of swagger." - All Music
    "The second coming of soul, infusing a distinctly California surf-rock spin to the genre" - Vogue

    for fans of Leon Bridges, Nathaniel Rateliff, Jon Batiste, Charles Bradley, Lee Fields, Van Morrison, Ty Segall, Allah-Las

    - 180 Gram Vinyl, Tip-On Jacket, Download Card & 4 Page Insert

    1. By Heart
    2. Song For Winners
    3. I Feel An Urge Coming On
    4. Undedicated
    5. Black Glass
    6. Wreck The Rod
    7. Which Was Writ
    8. Man Leaves Town
    9. Thought & Act
    10. El Viv
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  • Press Club – Late Teens (White Vinyl LP + MP3)

    Sektion: Musik, Neue Releases

    Image: 1622853 With Press Club having already risen way out of Australia’s underground punk scene, to become one of the country’s buzziest new bands, today they announce that they have signed to Hassle Records for the UK / EU release of their debut album Late Teens on Jan 25. Support from the influential Triple J radio station has come thick and fast for the band, with a number of singles gaining heavy rotation, and a coveted “Like A Version” session slot generating over 150,000 views. Rolling Stone Australia and Beat Magazine have also touted the band as Ones To Watch, as the first pockets of UK media support have begun to emerge from Kerrang! magazine and the BBC Radio 1 Rock Show’s Dan P Carter. Press Club are also sharing lead single and accompanying video for Headwreck, two and half minutes of frenetic, raw, self-assured and commanding punk, stacked with buzz-saw guitars and brimming with honesty. The track is about a place we’ve all been, in a relationship with someone that doesn’t treat you right, doesn’t respect you. It’s a call to arms to respect yourself, to demand more. The video was shot in a Collingwood warehouse, with the help of two friends, Nick Manuell and Will Maconachie, who have created a video that captures the band’s brash energy, and embodies how the song was recorded: live and in one take. It’s a glimpse at the kind of performances that have won them so many fans in support of the likes of Japandroids, Joyce Manor, Cloud Nothings, The Smith Street Band and Dream Wife on the road in their native Australia. Press Club will also play their first ever live shows in the UK this coming Spring, with more details to be announced shortly. Bassist Iain MacRae comments, “Absolutely over the moon to be part of the Hassle posse! It's great to finally have someone we trust in our corner after being independent for so long. Let the Antipodean takeover of Europe commence!” Late Teens is what happens when four Melbourne musicians come together to create a body of work entirely devoid of outside influence, being answerable to only themselves. Over six weeks, bassist Iain MacRae’s house was converted into a temporary song-writing sweatshop where the band wrote forty songs that were distilled into the dozen that make up the track list on Late Teens. Relying upon the experiences of their friends and people they know as subject matter, Late Teens thematically approaches displacement, relationships, internal turmoil, gentrification and inequality. Press Club is the musical embodiment of the attitude of a generation experiencing impermanence in every way

    1. Crash
    2. Headwreck
    3. Suburbia
    4. My Body's Changing
    5. Golden State
    6. Side B
    7. Ignorance
    8. Let It Fall
    9. Trading Punches
    10. Late Teens
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  • Upper Wilds – Mars (LP+MP3)

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    Image: 1621136 Ever wonder what it’d sound like to move to Mars? Look no further.
    Introducing, Mars, Upper Wilds second full length album following their
    debut Guitar Module 2017. Upper Wilds is the Brooklyn trio of Dan Friel
    (Parts & Labor), Zach Lehroff (Ex Models, Pterodactyl) and Jeff Ottenbacher.
    Their new album dramatically expands their musical scope with noise-pop
    epics about our colonization of the red planet. Featuring collaborations by
    Katie Eastburn (Young People, KATIEE), Mark Shue (Guided by Voices),
    Jeff Rosenstock, Aaron Siegel, and Jason Binnick, Mars is an album that is
    bristling with energy and passion.
    Mars was recorded by Martin Bisi (Sonic Youth, Swans, Boredoms). The
    rhythm section, driven by Lehroff’s monstrous bass tone and Ottenbacher’s
    live drums, constitutes an atmosphere so intense, it won’t be hard to imagine
    trudging through the inhospitable planet. Front and center are Friel’s
    distorted guitar riffs and vocals processed through an array of guitar pedals,
    creating a world of cosmic sound. The album is layered with a fascination
    for space with alien sounds, NASA satellite samples, and song narratives
    that conjure up stories inspired by space exploration and science fction.
    The appropriately space age inspired cover art was created by Nolen Strals
    of both the band Double Dagger and award-winning design studio Post
    Typography. The artwork hints at how Mars is only the beginning. Upper
    Wilds intends this to function as the frst in a series of releases themed
    around the planets.
    Mars is a cathartic explosion to lose yourself in. Friel has always loved the
    pop song structure, distortion, and the raw hopeful energy of DIY spaces,
    and on Mars Upper Wilds take that and soar into an entirely new arena.

    “Punchy instrumentals instilled with the raw energy of
    punk.” - Pitchfork
    The Brooklyn based Upper Wilds features Dan Friel
    (Parts & Labor) on guitar and vocals, bassist/vocalist
    Zach Lehrhoff (Ex Models, Pterodactyl) and drummer Jeff
    Upper Wilds will be touring Fall 2018, right after the
    release of Mars.
    Mars is pressed on virgin vinyl and packaged with free
    download card.
    Cover Art designed by Nolen Strals (Double Dagger) at
    Post Typography.

    1. Dead Mall
    2. Hellcoder
    3. Skylab
    4. Wine Flies
    5. Perfect Eyesight
    6. Mars
    7. Deimos
    8. Caveman
    9. Ex-Frontiers

    “For years now Dan Friel has been the guy making
    experimental DIY shows in the back of art galleries not
    just tolerable but transcendent.” - Stereogum
    “As frontman for the late, great Parts & Labor, Brooklyn’s
    Dan Friel cultivated an ear for melody, as a prolifc solo
    artist, he’s embraced breakneck velocity. Those tendencies
    collide ferociously in Upper Wilds” - Bandcamp
    “Distorted but improbably catchy songs that blend noiserock experimentation with a cheeky pop sensibility.” -

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