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  • Justin Wright – Music For Staying Warm

    Sektion: Musik, Neue Releases

    Image: 1623614 Das Debütalbum des kanadischen Cellisten und Komponisten Justin Wright aus Montreal. Wright arbeitete bereits mit Künstlern wie Colin Stetson, Hauschka, Bing & Ruth sowie dem neulich verstorbenen, großartigen Jóhann Jóhannsson zusammen. "Music For Staying Warm" enthält neun wunderschöne, neoklassisch-experimentelle Kompositionen und Improvisationen und wurde von Lawrence English (Room 40) gemastered. Erhältlich ab 29.03.2019 Getaggt mit:
  • Marc Broussard – Easy To Love (Big Lake Music)

    Sektion: Highlights

    Marc BroussardMarc Broussard, amerikanischer Singer-Songwriter und Meister des ‘Bayou Soul’ kehrt mit seinem neuen Studioalbum zurück. Auf “Easy To Love” kann man sich im Verlauf der vierzehn darauf enthaltenen Songs von seiner ganzen stilistischen Bandbreite überzeugen. Was amerikanische Kritiker bei ihm gerne als “Bayou Soul” bezeichnen, ist die gelungene Melange aus Blues, Country und Soul, aus Folk, Southern Rock und Pop. Seine große Liebe zur Kompletter Artikel →

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  • Neues Album des dänischen Singer / Songwriters Jacob Bellens auf HFN Music

    Sektion: News

    Jacob BellensAuf seinem neuen Album “Trail Of Intuition” changiert der dänische Musiker und Sänger Jacob Bellens erneut irgendwo zwischen elektronischem Folk und Synthie-Pop, um auf typisch kauzige Art und mit unverkennbarer Stimme über den bisherigen Lebensweg zu reflektieren. Das neue Album versammelt Momentaufnahmen, für die sich Bellens aus Kompletter Artikel →

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  • Kristin Asbjornsen – Traces Of You (Ora Music / Global Sonics)

    Sektion: Highlights

    Kristin AsbjornsenDie Liebhaber ihrer Stimme mussten fünf Jahre auf ein neues Album von Kristin Asbjørnsen warten. Nun erscheint endlich ihr mittlerweile viertes Soloalbum. “Traces Of You” ist zu einem zeitlosen und sehr persönlichen Album dieser herausragenden norwegischen Sängerin geworden. Basierend auf ihren starken Melodien und poetischen Texten hat Kristin Asbjørnsen neue Bereiche der Kompletter Artikel →

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  • Madison Violet – The Knight Sessions (Big Lake Music)

    Sektion: Highlights

    Madison Violet“The Knight Sessions” heißt das brandneue Studioalbum der kanadischen Folkpop-Band Madison Violet. Sie spielen bis zu 200 Konzerte im Jahr, sind durch Australien mit einem Camper getourt, haben an Surfstränden ebenso Songs geschrieben wie auf der Antilleninsel Grenada und in London. Brenley und Lisa haben ihr modernes Nomadentum perfekt kultiviert. Und natürlich haben all die Kompletter Artikel →

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  • New Order – Complete Music (Mute Artists Ltd.)

    Sektion: Highlights

    New OrderMute veröffentlicht auf Grund der großen Nachfrage nach den im Boxset des aktuellen Albums “Music Complete” enthaltenen Extended Mixes eine Doppel-CD! New Order veröffentlichen mit “Complete Music” eine brandneue Edition ihres letzten Albums “Music Complete”. Neben den Extended Versions aller elf Albumstücke und den elf Originalen birgt “Music Complete” zudem ein alternatives Kompletter Artikel →

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  • Stimming – Alpe Lusia (Diynamic Music)

    Sektion: Highlights

    StimmingDer Hamburger Musiker Stimming veröffentlicht sein viertes Studioalbum “Alpe Lusia” auf Diynamic Music, benannt nach einer kleinen Hütte in Norditalien, in der der 32-jährige einen Monat lang mutterseelenallein an seinem aktuellen Langspieler arbeitete. Was bewegt einen erwachsenen Mann dazu, sich für einen ganzen Monat aus der Zivilisation zurückzuziehen und sich in eine kleine Hütte in den italienischen Kompletter Artikel →

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  • Jacob Bellens – Polyester Skin (HFN Music)

    Sektion: Highlights

    Jacob BellensJacob Bellens’ neues Soloalbum “Polyester Skin” schickt sich an Musikliebhaber mit Vorliebe für etwas poppigeren ‘Leftfield’ Sound, Electronic, als auch Singer/Songwriter-Fans gleichermaßen zu begeistern. Der Sänger von I Got You On Tape und Murder hat erneut wunderbare Songs geschaffen, die sich den Schubladen elegant entziehen. Mit seinem warmen, prägnanten Bariton, seinem verspielt lamoyanten Kompletter Artikel →

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  • Face + Heel – A Style Of Lovin’ (I:Cube/Tuff City Kids Rmxs/RSD)

    Sektion: Musik, Neue Releases

    Image: 1618265 Exklusive neues Remixes von I:Cube, Tuff City Kids und Elliott Lion für das Bristoler Duo Face + Heel auf Warm Music. Limitierte Auflage von 300 Stück weltweit exklusiv zum RSD 2018. Erhältlich ab 21.04.2018

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  • Nick Waterhouse – Nick Waterhouse (180g LP+MP3)

    Sektion: Musik, Neue Releases

    Image: 1623099 Nick Waterhouse grew up in a coastal town near Long Beach, CA. It was a serene setting: the ocean stretching out for miles to the North and South, manicured lawns, two-story homes, long swathes of concrete highway, fast food chains and mega malls. He was there for two decades. Then, he left. He found a home in his early 20s in San Francisco, working at record stores alongside a collective of likeminded young crate-diggers and 45 collectors. And then he started making his own records: “Time’s All Gone” in 2012, “Holly” in 2014, and “Never Twice” in 2016. These were evocative albums, steeped in a perfectionism and clarity of vision that informed every choice, from the studios to the players, the arrangements to the album art. Everything, deliberately designed and purposeful, bubbling over with power and feeling. And as those records rolled out into the world, Waterhouse found a dedicated audience of his own as well as a bevy of influential champions and collaborators, including garage-rock mystic Ty Segall, retro-futurist R&B bandleader Leon Bridges and the LA-based quartet Allah-Las, whose first two albums he meticulously produced and played on. There is a “Waterhouse Sound” and it comes from both the man and the method — recording everything on magnetic tape, through analog equipment, and playing live (!), eyeball to eyeball, whenever possible. Now, he’s finished his fourth album. He’s calling it “Nick Waterhouse.” And whether intentional or not, it is perhaps his most reflective — and reflexive — album, employing all of the mature production techniques learned throughout his professional career while retaining a viscous edge that allows it to land with colossal impact — more raw, heavy and overtly confrontational than anything he’s made before. “Nick Waterhouse” was recorded at the finest working studio in Los Angeles, Electro Vox Recorders, and co-produced by Paul Butler (The Bees, Michael Kiwanuka, Devendra Banhart), the master of all things warm, rich and wooly. Nick’s songs here are personal, but personal in the way that “Please Mr. Postman,” “What’s Going On” and “Cathy’s Clown” are — intimate, direct, yet still malleable enough for listeners to suffuse their own life stories into the mix. The album is thick with talented players, including Andres Rentaria, Paula Henderson and the staggering, howling saxophone of Mando Dorame. All of the new Waterhouse songs sound big. Brawny and muscular. The lyrics are suspicious, outraged and, at times, very vulnerable (muscle is just flesh, after all). Waterhouse uses an economy of words to deliver complex, coded messages. He offers up equal parts criticism of the time we live in and innate human flaws. He paints relationships under the cover of darkness, slashing through neo-noir fantasies that are romantic, blood-spattered and bracingly aware of the powerlessness felt among people, amid the rapid onslaught of commercialism and technological progress. And, as has become his signature, he throws in a tune written by a close friend. On this record, he covers “I Feel an Urge Coming On” in tribute to the song’s author, Nick’s own mentor and collaborator Joshie Jo Armstead, who wrote music with Ray Charles and sang as both an Ikette and Raelette in the ’60s and ’70s. He’s four albums in, but it makes sense that this specific record is the one that takes his name. You can really here Nick on this one. Not just the band. Not just the songs. Not just the sound. HIM. You can hear his mind at work. His passion. His focus. More importantly, you can feel it.

    Pull Quotes:
    His style is all his own" - NPR
    "Brisk, self-contained, a little mysterious, and catchy enough to revisit again and again" - Paste Magazine "
    "Waterhouse remains as spirited as he is studious, crooning and belting at all the appropriate moments with a little bit of swagger." - All Music
    "The second coming of soul, infusing a distinctly California surf-rock spin to the genre" - Vogue

    for fans of Leon Bridges, Nathaniel Rateliff, Jon Batiste, Charles Bradley, Lee Fields, Van Morrison, Ty Segall, Allah-Las

    - 180 Gram Vinyl, Tip-On Jacket, Download Card & 4 Page Insert

    1. By Heart
    2. Song For Winners
    3. I Feel An Urge Coming On
    4. Undedicated
    5. Black Glass
    6. Wreck The Rod
    7. Which Was Writ
    8. Man Leaves Town
    9. Thought & Act
    10. El Viv
    11. Wherever She Goes (She Is Wanted) Erhältlich ab 08.03.2019 Getaggt mit:
  • Sarah Louise – Nighttime Birds And Morning Stars (LP+MP3)

    Sektion: Musik, Neue Releases

    Image: 1622172 “Henson makes it easy to inhabit her intimate world, one where the small wonders of the woods and the abounding melodic possibilities of a 12-string guitar are complementary fractals.” - NPR First Listen Following a series of highly acclaimed solo guitar albums, Nighttime Birds and Morning Stars is Sarah Louise’s most fearless work to date. Louise broadens beyond folk forms, turning streams of raw electric guitar into entire oceans of aural texture. Her rich playing is warped beyond recognition through inventive synthesizing and digital manipulations. The innovative songs mine components of the Appalachian folk music Louise is steeped in, as well as spiritual jazz, contemporary classical, and new age, while drawing intensely personal inspiration from the natural world. Louise’s daring blend of heartfelt stream of conscious playing and bold studio processing demonstrate her unique ability to craft poignant music regardless of what tools she uses. She finds harmony rather than dissonance in synthesizing raw and organic materials with the technological. Sections of electronic bursts swell and ebb with a lifelike pulse, collapsing distinction between the natural and artificial. Each piece inhabits its own biosphere and Louise’s guitar and voice act as the flora and fauna. With Nighttime Birds and Morning Stars , Sarah Louise has reimagined the limitations of guitar music to create a work of sublime resplendence. LP version pressed on virgin vinyl and packaged with an artworked inner sleeve and free download coupon. CD in 4 panel mini-LP style gatefold package.

    1. Daybreak
    2. R Mountain
    3. Ancient Intelligence
    4. Rime
    5. Swarming at the Threshold
    6. Late Night Healing Choir
    7. Chitin Flight
    8. Nighttime Birds and Morning Stars

    Sarah Louise’s previous two albums were selected for
    NPR First Listen.
    She has collaborated and performed with artists such
    as Marisa Anderson, Glenn Jones, Steve Gunn, Mary
    Lattimore, Haley Fohr & more.
    Louise is also a member of House and Land with Sally
    Morgan (Black Twig Pickers). Their debut album was
    released in 2017 to critical acclaim from NPR Music,
    Uncut, Pitchfork, Magnet, and more. Their sophmore
    album is set for release later this year.
    Sarah Louise produced and recorded the Album. It
    was Mixed by Jason Meagher at Black Dirt Studios.
    Louise plans to tour both solo and with House and
    Land throughout 2019
    “A bold step forward for Henson, these new
    compositions underscore both the uniqueness and
    the expansiveness of her musical voice.”
    - Pitchfork
    “Among the planet’s most promising young pickers”
    - Paste Erhältlich ab 25.01.2019 Getaggt mit:
  • Boy Pablo – Roy Pablo EP

    Sektion: Musik, Neue Releases

    Image: 1622054 Hinter Boy Pablo steht der junge und enorm talentierte Nicolas Pablo Muñoz, im norwegischen Bergen aufgewachsener Singer/Songwriter chilenischer Herkunft, samt Band. Angelehnt an klassische Songwriter der 1960er, sind seine Songs herzerwärmender Dream-Pop mit sonnengetränkten Melodien voller Old-Soul, durchdrungen von der Melancholie und Verletzlichkeit eines Teenagers. Der 19-jährige tourte bereits intensiv durch Europa, Nordamerika und Asien und veröffentlichte 2017 die digitale "Roy Pablo" EP, die jetzt zusammen mit der neuen "Soy Pablo" EP sowohl auf Vinyl, als auch auf einer gemeinsamen Doppel-CD erscheint.

    - "Earworm melodies and heart-tugging choruses that put down roots in your soul and refuse to budge." Sunday Times (Breaking Act)
    - "Warm, lazy, with an on-screen lovability... might just be the best Pablo since Yeezy." i-D
    - "The kind of balmy daydream music that perfectly assuages the sting of a breakup…a charming bedroom-pop roughness." Pitchfork Erhältlich ab 11.01.2019 Getaggt mit: