The Pop Group – Y (Remastered)(LP+12"+MP3)

14. October 2019

LP (einfach)+12"+MP3 / MUTE
A1 Thief Of Fire (Remastered)
A2 Snowgirl (Remastered)
A3 Blood Money (Remastered)
A4 Savage Sea (Remastered)
A5 We Are Time (Remastered)
B1 Words Disobey Me (Remastered)
B2 Don't Call Me Pain (Remastered)
B3 Boys From Brazil (Remastered)
B4 Don't Sell Your Dreams (Remastered)

A1 She Is Beyond Good And Evil (Remastered)
B1 3:38 (Remastered)
LP (einfach)+12"+MP3 / MUTE
Erscheint am 01.11.2019